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'After Bengal, Tripura is the 2nd home for TMC', Says TMC MP Shantunu Sen
TIWN Sep 16, 2021
'After Bengal, Tripura is the 2nd home for TMC', Says TMC MP Shantunu Sen
PHOTO : TMC MP Santanu Sen arrived in Tripura. TIWN Photo.

AGARTALA, Sep 16 (TIWN): TMC MP Shantunu Sen who arrived today in Tripura said that Tripura will be the 2nd home for TMC after Bengal so TMC will come to Tripura.

On being asked by Journalist about repeated cancellation of Abhishek Banerjee’s rally in Tripura, Shantanu Sen said, people do such things when they are under fear. BJP party is under fear of losing Political soil in Tripura.

He also said, “If this time permission is not given for rally then, TMC will follow the path of legal procedures and will see the end”

Sen slammed BJP over the attack on Abhishek Banerjee’s convoy and said Central MP, Pratima Bhowmik without any disturbances doing Puja in Dakhineshwar Temple, Kolkata peacefully and no one harmed her but while Abhishek Banerjee was on the way to Tripureswari Temple faced attack multiple times, almost 13-14 times and tried to kill.

Reacting over Pratima Bhowmik’s statement that ‘TMC did not apply for permission for rally’, Shantunu Sen said the MP should keep proper information as several times TMC applied for permission but Police refused the permission for rally. 

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