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34 Days of Protest ! Tripura Govt yet to nod for Discussion with 10323 Teachers about various Legal means raised by JMC
TIWN Jan 9, 2021
34 Days of Protest ! Tripura Govt yet to nod for Discussion with 10323 Teachers about various Legal means raised by JMC
PHOTO : 10323 teachers protest at Agartala City Centre. Photo : JMC, 10323 Teachers.

AGARTALA, Jan 9 (TIWN): Amid 34 days of protest led by the 'Joint Movement Committee' in front of Agartala City Centre from December 7, 2020, BJP led Tripura Government has not taken any initiative to resolve the 10323 teachers problems and issues. The teachers who had raised various demands for their job security citing various legal grounds, but Govt of Tripura in a surprising reason has remained muted over their legal points. When the Education Minister is silent over 10323 teachers legal points, he is also not directly saying that the teachers pleas are invalid. Yesterday, 10323 teachers led by 'Joint Movement Committee' had reached the Education Director's office with donation boxes in hands and officials including the Director Uttam Chakma have donated in the teachers donation box. Those moments were heartbreaking to see state's teachers are asking for public charity for protest continuation whereas the same persons had contributed 10 years of their lives for the schools development.

However, amid public support, Tripura Govt has not shown sympathy to the teachers which has erupted resentment, frustration among the agitators. JMC has asked the Govt to come and discuss at least about the teachers demands when the teachers already have shown various legal means by which their jobs can be saved.

'Joint Movement Committee' of the 10323 Teachers have also expressed shock about Tripura Govt's full silence over their protests and demands, asked, why the "Legal Points" raised by the 10323 teachers have remained unanswered by the Govt ?

Talking to the media, a member of the JMC said, "We have many questions but whenever we raise any question, the Govt does not reply, as if we are not a part of the State. At least we have shown certain legal points by which the Govt can save us but Tripura Govt is fully silent over those legal points. We are also among the 37 lakhs of people. Without us, how can the Govt develop the state ? By depriving us, how can it implement its 'Sabka Sath, Sabka Vikas' vision ? Are we not among the all ? Today we are protesting here for 33 days but the Govt has no concern, no sympathy. We are so neglected". The "Legal Point" issue was said here as the 10323 teachers have already cited the verdicts with claiming again and again that their jobs were never gone and only 462 teachers jobs had gone among the 10323 teachers. JMC continues protest on Day 33. TIWN YouTube Video Jan 8, 2021

Also, Tripura Govt yet could not give any termination letter personally to each 10323 teacher, which has raised doubts on the Govt's role further. Now, why is the Govt silent, it is questionable as neither it is directly saying that the 10323 teachers legal points are invalid nor it's supporting it. If the teachers' jobs were truly dismissed, why is the Govt afraid to speak it coherently ?

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