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TIWN Editor condemns Biplab Deb's illegal threat against Tripura medias, asks Biplab to respect CM's chair, reminds 'History will teach lessons to JUMLA cheaters, BATPARs' : National Medias, Tripura Medias condemn attacks on Media
TIWN Sep 14, 2020
TIWN Editor condemns Biplab Deb's illegal threat against Tripura medias, asks Biplab to respect CM's chair, reminds 'History will teach lessons to JUMLA cheaters, BATPARs' : National Medias, Tripura Medias condemn attacks on Media
PHOTO : Left : Attacked Parashar Biswas hospitalized, Right : TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar in an interview in PB24, CM Biplab Deb, Sabroom speech while threatening media.

AGARTALA, Sep 14 (TIWN): Tripura & National medias heavily condemned Biplab Deb's threat to medias for exposing COVID irregularities by his Health Ministry, massive Oxygen shortage causing daily deaths. TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar in his Sunday FB Live, condemned Biplab Deb's mafia style threats to media, reminded Biplab to respect democracy.The Editor has condemned Chief Minister Biplab Deb's illegal threat to state media when his own Govt is an utter failure and no law and order is existing.

Addressing about the particular point of threatening speech against media, Sarkar said, "Biplab Deb when went in foundation laying programme of Special Economic Zone in Sabroom said, the newspapers which are writing with over-excitement, history will not forgive them. Me, Biplab Deb will also not forgive them, history will witness and Biplab Deb does what he says. History will witnesses. My name is Biplab Deb". 

"In reaction to his statement I like to say something to Biplab Deb. First of all, you know very clearly what was your achievement in last 48 and 50 years of your age ? Can you tell me what job you did in your life or any social service or study which is worthy to said ? Neither you can speak in Bengali nor Hindi and forget about history. 

"With all illegal promises like 50,000 Govt jobs in 1st one year, 2000 rupees of allowance, promises to 10323 you have come to power but when you are established with such fake promises what should I call you except BATPAAR ? Your knowledge is exposed with Internet-was-existing in Mahabharata's time, Diana Hayden is not Indian beauty, Mechanical Engineers should not go for Civil Engineers etc. So, whole India knows that you are a ignorant. Now, when you say that history will not forgive media do you know who made you CM ? People made you CM. Media made you CM", said the Editor.  "What is your qualification to issue threat against Tripura media ?" TIWN Editor asked CM Biplab Deb. TIWN YouTube Video Link. 

"You are zero without media supporter. You will not be a Chief Minister after December might be. To media, politicians are like ants. Media creates leaders and that is the reason you are no more a gym instructor or driver in Delhi. You are the CM of Tripura. The way media creates political leaders, it can destroy the leaders in the same manner", said Saumen Sarkar.

"So I want to tell you to stop such dialogues as history will not forgive, because history will not forgive you. People you will forgive you because of your fake promises, BATPARIs before election. You reality knows in your village, how you were treated there. So, you are CM because of media. When you will not be CM, then will be jailed because you are involved in various scams including Cancer drug, National Highway tender, Liquor license, UD Dept etc", said Sarkar.

"90% BJP leaders are now against Biplab Deb. Tripura is not Biplab Deb's father's property and you will be thrown out from Tripura. As you said that history will be witness that is correct. History is seeing how fraud you are from SMART phone for youths to 50,000 Govt jobs to youths. Stop threatening media and watch yourself in the mirror. What is your qualification", said the Editor.

"Try to be a human first and dialogues like Biplab Deb does not forgive anyone. Who is Biplab Deb to forgive ? A gym instructor ? A driver or an assistant of an MP?", said Saumen Sarkar.

"Many CMs are in jail now. Same will be happening with you. Your last line is correct that history will witness and history will witness how will Biplab Deb be jailed", said TIWN Editor. 

Saumen Sarkar also mentioned about attack on Prasenjit Chakraborty BJP's founding leader, journalist but soon he left the party and talked against Biplab Deb, Prasenjit Chakraborty was severely beaten. 

He condemned the fear psychosis created by Biplab Deb by using goons and false cases at the same time.

TIWN Editor also wished for speedy recovery of attacked journalist Parashar Biswas, who was beaten after he talked against Biplab Deb in Facebook. 

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