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10323 Teachers sought alternative jobs
TIWN Aug 27, 2020
10323 Teachers sought alternative jobs
PHOTO : 10323 teachers demanded alternative jobs. TIWN Pic Aug 27, 2020

AGARTALA, Aug 27 (TIWN): SC led terminated 10323 teachers, who have lost over 60 colleagues in the battle have given ultimatum to the Tripura Govt to implement its pre-election promise right now, as the teachers are jobless from March, 2020. The ruling State BJP Govt in power, had promised verbally and in Vision Document that the teachers will get permanent jobs or continue as teachers before 2018 Assembly Election but now already 5 months are running but BJP Govt could not solve the problems of the teachers.

Addressing media, Ajay Debbarma, PGT-10323 said, “On 5th August, 2020, Supreme Court gave verdict allowing appointment of 10323 teachers in alternative jobs. Earlier Law Minister Ratanlal Nath promised that whatever Supreme Court’s verdict comes, it will be implemented at the earliest, but now it is almost 1-month but no development has come to the matter. Infact, the Minister did not make any clear statement on the verdict. We don’t know whether it will be implemented or not”.

Explaining the yet existing complexity in the previous steps taken by the Govt, Ajay Debbarma said, “We also have come to know that the counter-affidavits which were submitted in the case in the then Chief Justice Dipak Gupta’s time, based on those 58 writ petitions, the verdict was given but the then State Govt only implemented 57 writ petitions, leaving one of the petitions verdict. It is No.537, 2012 (Science Graduates). But they are also under same verdict”.

The teachers also said, none of the teachers got notice personally and only through media it was seen, asking, why a party in a case will not be served with notices ?

The teachers said, “We will protest in democratic way but while doing protests in democratic way, if anything happens, for that only State Govt will be responsible”. 10323 teachers demanded permanent solution of their problems as per Govt's pre-poll promise. TIWN YouTube Video Aug 27, 2020

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