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Public demand new Health Minister in Tripura : Health Administration under Biplab Deb’s leadership resulted a ‘Total Failure’
TIWN Aug 13, 2020
Public demand new Health Minister in Tripura : Health Administration under Biplab Deb’s leadership resulted a ‘Total Failure’
PHOTO : Health Dept under Biplab Deb's Ministry collapsing day by day, public across complaining against Health dept's negligence. TIWN Photos.

AGARTALA, Aug 13 (TIWN): With numbers of increasing major allegations against the Health Dept and Govt’s failure to satisfy the public, although remained ‘unaccepted fact’ for the State Govt, but on the urgency of the situation public in social media continue demanding a change in Health Ministry which is a “Total Failure” under Biplab Deb, the CM of Tripura, holding so many depts in hand. Starting from Late Bina Pani Roy’s pathetic death followed by false COVID-19 test results, on yesterday two complaints were raised with serious allegations – one is the death of a COVID-19 patient whose body was asked to take by family raised doubt followed by authority did not serve the August 10’s COVID test report to the family and the 3 days old baby’s death. According to the family, the baby was healthy and his mother is also fine but today, the Doctor started sample collection of the baby for Corona test, but suddenly, heavy bleeding started and the baby was unable to take breath and soon it died.

Lack of efficient leadership in the Health Ministry under Chief Minister Biplab Deb has only caused chaos results of intolerant decisions like suspension of Doctors, whereas the Dept has no plan to hold a massive recruitment amid around 5,500 nurses are left jobless. This is the time to recruit as much as Doctors, nurses in the Dept but still the Dept is bound to appoint other Doctors on duty, instead of Medicine Doctors. Due to Doctors crisis, such decisions are bound to be taken, said a senior Doctor when Doctors were protesting against Dr. Uttam Bhattacharjee’s suspension, which was later withdrawn. Although, from the very beginning, Tripura Health Dept under Biplab Deb continued to suppress public voice, social media, media with various COVID-19 related protocols but truth can’t be suppressed in the long run, proven again from the very beginning of the August month.

Earlier, the Quarantine Centres pictures came out and then prominent COVID-19 Care centres like Bhagat Singh was exposed when a pregnant woman protested in her live video followed by BJP MLA Sudip Barman’s visit further and now with GB COVID-19 care’s real pictures are also open along with false COVID-19 tests. Then, oxygen-supply problems were also reported.

It can be mentioned here that TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar on Sunday evening 10 pm talk show from USA has condemned GB hospital’s hellish situations and Tripura Govt’s propaganda machinery to label each “Correct” information as “Fake News”. Calling Lt. Bina Pani Roy's unfortunate death as a "murder" in medical negligence, Sarkar has bashed the Health Dept's failure under Biplab Deb Govt. Addressing the state live in his Facebook, TIWN Editor Saumen Sarkar said, “In last 1-Week, the positive development has been about the withdrawal of the illegal suspension order of Dr Uttam Bhattacharjee under media, public and Doctors led protests by Biplab Deb Govt, proving when public raise voice, the Dictatorship automatically gets weaken".

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