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‘Opposition Parties demand of Rs. 7000 for Poor People in Lockdown is a CORONA-POLITICS’, alleged Tripura Deputy CM
TIWN June 2, 2020
‘Opposition Parties demand of Rs. 7000 for Poor People in Lockdown is a CORONA-POLITICS’, alleged Tripura Deputy CM
PHOTO : Deputy CM Jishnu Dev Barman addressing media. TIWN Pic June 2, 2020

AGARTALA, June 2 (TIWN): Tripura Deputy Chief Minister Jishnu Debbarma, who is also the State Finance Minister has blamed the opposition parties for being involved in Politics with COVID-19. The statement from Jishnu Debbarma came after various political parties demanded monthly honourium for the poor people of the country during and in the post-lockdown period. In a press address to media on Tuesday, the Deputy Chief Minister said that giving an amount of Rs. 7000 to Rs. 10000 idea lacks vision. Whenever, Prime Minister Modi announces anything or any package, the oppositions come jointly by saying, this package is not enough, asking the Govt to give cash, but in actual this demand lacks vision. “Our Union Finance Minister talked about stimulation or about loans, strengthen MSEs. But from that time, the opposition started strong criticisms".

"She talked about agricultural growth, factories. So, basically keeping all sectors under plan, this package decision was taken. Modi ji has clearly said, this fight is going to be tough and various State Govts are also helping each other”, said Deputy CM.

"Parties have members who are economists but when it is about politics, then politics comes first than economy for them", alleged Jishnu Debbarma. 

He further said, “COVID-19 fighting is not enough. Fighting against economic slowdown is also equally important”.

“102 cases were tested yesterday that is true but nothing to be panicked because, this is an ongoing battle for the long run. But it will be wrong to think that only COVID-19 will be defeated not Economic crisis. So, it is very important that economic works should be going on”, said Jishnu Debbarma. 

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