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BJP’s JUMLA in Delhi, promised Water, Electricity at Rs. 1 : Tripura BJP Govt hiked 5% electricity charges, increased water-tax from Rs. 30 to Rs. 200 after Voted to Power
TIWN Jan 14, 2020
BJP’s JUMLA in Delhi, promised Water, Electricity at Rs. 1 : Tripura BJP Govt hiked 5% electricity charges, increased water-tax from Rs. 30 to Rs. 200 after Voted to Power
PHOTO : Left : BJP's Vision Document published in Tripura, Right : PM Modi, Amit Shah in a separate campaigning (File Photos)

AGARTALA, Jan 14 (TIWN): Rattled by public support to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, the BJP Party which can promise anything to win Election, is going to lure the voters with Water and Electricity at Rs. 1, whereas here in Tripura BJP Govt not only broke their all promises but water tax increased from Rs. 40 to Rs. 200. At the same time from electricity to health services all charged with heavy taxes. On the other side, with less than a month to go for assembly elections in the national capital, the BJP said that it will charge Rupee 1 from the poor for the water and electricity supply. The party also said that it will give only three seats to its alliance partner Siromani Akali Dal (SAD) in the city and it would not have an alliance with the Dushyant Chautala-led Jannayak Janata Party (JJP).With excess imposition of taxes, Tripura reels under massive commodity price hikes, amid worklessness situations. When electricity prices increased a lot for Tripura other necessary items across India.

Resentments have been given rise among the common men due to massive price hikes and the new price tags with necessary commodities.

When state was promised by a big-size Vision Document it was never imagined that the Vision Document is not related to Central Funding leading uncontrolled tax imposition on the common men. So far fuel, electricity, trade license, municipality, health services, pensions, water-taxes are subjected to be taxes in addition of slowdown of markets and Govt’s inability to provide rural mandays.Referring tax collection rows, Tripura CM BIplab Deb on October 10 said, Atal Jal Yojna was succeeded by collected taxes from public and his Govt has no intention just to collect taxes by not benefiting the public in return. He announced 30,000 people have got connections by Atal Jal Yojna. But Atal Jal Yojna is a central Govt scheme, a must subject to central funding. Now water tax is hiked at Rs. 200. Now whenever anyone raise protest in the name of unpermitted rally or ESMA like bills, Govt has set nets to put protesters in jails resulting a suffocating situation across.

Amid propagandas on Ayushman Bharat like projects, the scrapping of Free Medical Services have turned heavy on the poor and middle class people. Public have demanded reinstallation of the service immediately like before. Most of the people have no interest for Ayushman Bharat insurance like issues, rather sought 100% free medical services. Revenue collection in exchange of “saving life” has caused pathos across Government hospitals but the BJP led State Govt has turned a deaf ear. Since the BJP led State Government had drafted provisional revised tariffs of 14 hospital services and 286 bio-chemistry, pathological, radiological, digital and clinical tests, it is causing massive criticism. 18 month’s old BJP Govt's multiple anti-people decisions by immature, arrogant politicians are affecting the whole BJP party here, kicked off a fresh infighting among the BJP members themselves.

Water-Tax which was Rs. 30 till 2017 under the Left Govt was increased at Rs. 40 last year and this year it has jumped at Rs. 200.

Power Dept which has decided to hike electricity tariffs at 7.5% which will be used to kick of further developmental works, easily signaling how so far no funding is happening under the Modi Govt for state Tripura unlike the UPA era which helped each state via negotiation in Planning Commission.

Tripura cabinet on July 26, 2018 had decided first ever to bring ordinance to hike 2 % cess on Petrol, Diesel, Natural Gas.

Promising to develop the economy and betterment of every citizens of the state, which will reduce the transport cost and also save time Govt has decided to lavy 2 % cess on fuel. It was said that revenue will develop roadmaps, but although taxes were taken but nowhere development is seen. In this regard, a Congress leader said, Tripura Govt is unnecessarily imposing 24% tax whereas Central Govt imposed another 19% tax. If taxes of 12% by State Govt and 10% by Central Govt are being cut then the price will be downed at 60. In total now the fuel tax in Tripura is 43%.

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