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Unemployment problems under BJP Govt soaring triple than CPI-M era in Tripura : BJP’s Vision Document Promise of 50,000 Govt jobs in 1-year forgotten
TIWN Dec 8, 2019
Unemployment problems under BJP Govt soaring triple than CPI-M era in Tripura : BJP’s Vision Document Promise of 50,000 Govt jobs in 1-year forgotten

AGARTALA, Dec 8 (TIWN): 20 months old BJP Govt in Tripura has failed to provide the expected jobs, rather hope of the unemployed youths finished with restrictions in the Govt jobs, although promising 50,000 Govt jobs in the first one year the BJP came in power. It is written in the Vision Document that once BJP comes in power, 50,000 Govt jobs will be given in first one year. In first year the data was only 1377 Govt jobs were given whereas maximum were appointed in teaching via TET. BJP Govt turned most unpopular in Tripura’s history after committing massive frauds via Jumla promises before 2018 Assembly Election. Promising a “HIRA” for Tripura replacing “Manik”, BJP had formed a Government in Tripura whereas after 20 months have crossed, the Govt although failed to fulfil its major promises given to the common men in its Vision Document but successfully imposed massive taxes added by multi-thousand people’s terminations. Analysis says, the unemployment and joblessness along with work-less situations for day workers are now triple in a comparison with the previous CPI-M era.

In a massive failure of Vision Document's implementation as per BJP's pre-election promise by then Union Minister Arun Jaitley, Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, Ashok Sinha via Press Conference on Feb 11,2018 at Sonar Tori Hotel which declared 50000 Govt Jobs in 1st year to Tripura's unemployed youths but its turned a massive JUMLA as 50000 Govt Jobs promise remained unfulfiled even after 18 months. BJP Govt's failure in providing 50000 Govt Jobs already turning State Govt unpopular in every passing day among lakhs of unemployed youths. As Union Minister Arun Jaitley no more, Assam Minister Himanta Biswa avoided Tripura after last year's elections are over, so now Congress Chief Spokesman Ashok Sinha liable to answer 50000 Govt Job promise fraud to Tripura's unemployed youths. Failure in fulfilling these JUMLA promises amounts to mass cheating of public as Govt is in no position to provide these 50000 Govt Jobs.

On this particular ground of fake promise of filling up 50,000 Govt vacant posts promised by BJP leaders, the 18 months old govt and the ruling party just do not have any answer. No political party in written form earlier in India didn’t deliver lies just to woo vote banks, which has turned heavy on the BJP Govt after the election.

The last CMIE data has generated tension further when Tripura like many other states is reeling under economic crisis. If Central BJP Govt could fulfill the promise which it made before the Election about employment generation including 50,000 Govt jobs per year, the situation could be different and better.

In first one year BJP Govt distributed 1377 govt jobs whereas it caused termination of over two thousand people in various contractual posts. At the same time, regularization of employees, house to house employments appeared toughest challenges before the ruling Govt. 

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