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10323 teachers roaming Visionless with Uncertain future, BJP’s pre-poll promise of ‘Solving 10323 teachers’ problems on test
TIWN Dec 8, 2019
10323 teachers roaming Visionless with Uncertain future, BJP’s pre-poll promise of ‘Solving 10323 teachers’ problems on test
PHOTO : 10323 teachers holding protest. TIWN File Photo.

AGARTALA, Dec 8 (TIWN): Only few months left BJP Govt yet to solve the futuristic problems of 10323 teachers, who were before election promised by national to state leaders that their livelihood related problems to be sorted out. Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma is now quite silent about 10323 teachers issues, where he promised to even modify a law under the constitution via Union Law Ministry and led a Delhi visit of the sacked 10323 teachers to count vote banks, but what is the outcome of that meeting, is yet unknown. After the plea of 10323 teachers for reviewing Supreme Court’s verdict which ordered termination 10323 teachers on March, 2020 once ad-hoc tenure ends, was dismissed in the High Court on October 3rd, tensions have gripped the teachers as after 8 months under Supreme Court’s order the teachers ad-hoc job continuation to meet an end.While agitating, recently 10323 teachers told media at the Education office, “The Education Dept has to bring out resolutions for us and to have hold a meeting for us".

"When we are suffering day-night, afraid of our future, a section of 10323 teachers have chosen to bootlick the ruling Govt and in social media can see, they are organizing blood donation camps and Ministers, CM are attending those blood donation camps. Those blood will be blood of dead people who already died and we are left for the future dead bodies. The collected blood will belong to dead people. This is highly condemnable that we are undergoing such problems and they are calling 10323 teachers for blood donations. Is not it like blood-sucking of 10323 teachers ? We are day night undergoing such tremendous tensions and they are calling for our blood”, a victim teacher said.

On the other side, out of tremendous tensions, many of the 10323 teachers passed away recently, erupted massive resentment, angers among the ad-hoc teachers. One more teacher who recently passed away has been identified as Sentu Sarkar, resident of Vidyasagar Panchayat in Simna.Before becoming a teacher, Sentu used to work as daily labour and after he got the job, his 5 sisters were given marry and now he was the only hope of the poor family.

 Earlier also ad-hoc teacher Amrit Datta (42), died in sleep in heartattack out of tension about his job,

One more teacher Surajit Debbarma also died in same way after in a talk show he heard an insulting remark from a lawyer in a local TV channel against 10323 teachers.

So far, Govt of Tripura could not come up with a plan how to end 10323 teachers problems, which was promised by its party BJP in Vision Document before the election.

Earlier, the 10,323 teachers said Govt’s decision of continuation of 10323 teachers jobs as ad-hoc is arbitrary. The petitioner claimed many teachers were appointed at the same time but their jobs were not cancelled.

According to Supreme Court’s order the 10323 tecahers of Tripura will lose their ad-hoc extension by 2020, June 31st. Since 2014, the terminated 10323 teachers have continued their battles for existence after Tripura High Court in 2014, 7th May terminated all the teachers spotting irregularities in recruitment. The situation started to be critical due to previous CPI-M Govt’s ego against petitioners and instead of providing them jobs according to High Court’s order, the Govt started the battle in Supreme Court and finally Supreme Court in 2017 held High Court’s decision. Now, this is the ultimate time when final decisions about 10323 teachers will be taken.

The 10323 teachers fist lost their jobs in High Court’s verdict in 2014 due to irregularities in recruitment. Then the previous CPI-M led State Sovt managed stay order on High Court’s order by appealing Supreme Court and after much delays in the hearings, finally Supreme Court also in 2017, March 29 terminated all the teachers but with humanitarian view Supreme Court permitted all the 10323 teachers to continue their jobs till December 31st, 2017.

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