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Police brutality on opposition, victims are common men, social media users : BJP activists’ broad day light attack on women, opposition activists : Tripura suffering for electing BJP Party
TIWN Nov 18, 2019
Police brutality on opposition, victims are common men, social media users : BJP activists’ broad day light attack on women, opposition activists : Tripura suffering for electing BJP Party
PHOTO : BJP led massive attack in Khayerpur. TIWN Pics Nov 17, 2019

AGARTALA, Nov 18 (TIWN): Everyday lives in suffocation under saffron terror, added by threats imposing on common men’s normal lives from saffron wings, BJP vs. BJP fights, lawlessness across. The ongoing unruliness which crossed the level of surprise of the common men with everyday law-breaking, attacks led by the ruling party was imported in after Tripura people voted for BJP, a totally new party in Tripura proven within 20 months nothing but an ‘uncivilized’, ‘outside uneducated culture’ with no skill of administration and ethics when voted to power. Not only this, BJP is trying to impose UP based party politics here in Tripura whereas UP’s education rate itself says, why people of Tripura never accepted hooliganism, fake Hindusim of saffron wings which are based on violence, leading unbearable public sufferings everyday.

 Just the BJP held a barbaric attack at the Congress party office and yesterday BJP attacked women, opposition activists after they joined a meeting of CPI-M at Khayerpur.On yesterday when CPI-M was conducting a rally in Khayerpur all of a sudden around 30 to 40 BJP supporters gathered and started shouting before. Then when the rally was ended with stones and sticks they attacked on the vehicle in which the CPI-M members were attacked.

Followed by Tripura’s most dictator era, viral Chief Minister and his yearwide gaffes and anti-unemployed and anti-people moves, BJP lost its base in Tripura in the last 20 months and with the increasing sizes of Opposition parties support, the remaining BJP members have been appointed with a task that wherever opposition rallies will be seen just jump on them and attack them and raise ‘go back slogan’ whereas the numbers of attackers are not many but in front of police and security they continue to attack the opposition. This trend started soon CPI-M held the biggest ever rally of 2019 in Agartala led by farmers and from the next day, the attack started with the first attack on former CM Manik Sarkar at Sonamura and then across Tripura same trend. On yesterday at the Congress Bhawan BJP held a similar attack and burnt Rahul Gandhi’s effigy in front of the Congress Bhawan.

However, on the otherwise Chief Minister Biplab Deb almost directly announced that whoever will walk on Communist rally they will be jailed.

A woman was seen in miserable shape. Her teeth were broken, her  one ear was cut. Total 7 persons were seriously injured with many minorly injured.

At least 7 CPI-M members were injured critically in a BJP led violent attack on Sunday. The incident took place at Khayerpur after CPI-M conducted a meeting at there.

The sudden attack included stone pelting, direct attack on bus with sticks by organized BJP’s bike riding hooligans. Click TIWN YouTube link to see BJP led massive attack on CPI-M

Like “showers” the stones were being thrown. Injured people were immediately hospitalized. 

Leadr Pabitra Kar said, "This is the face of BJP's democracy and women are not even spared. Our programme was permitted".

Massive anti-incumbency against BJP is across state wither from the worker class who are deprive of MGNREGA works or unemployed youths or employees who are put under ESMA and terminations of contractual employees etc. Mostly which affected BJP was lack of gentleman in leadership like Late Sudhindra Dashgupta and rise of criminals and uneducated sections massively in the party’s top layers.

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