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50% drop of MGNREGA works in Tripura leads rural economy to collapse 100%
TIWN Nov 8, 2019
50% drop of MGNREGA works in Tripura leads rural economy to collapse 100%
PHOTO : MGNREGA workers protesting for wages in Tripura (File)

AGARTALA, Nov 8 (TIWN): The BJP came in power ensuring 200 days of works, once the party is voted to power, but resulted a drop of around 50% MGNREGA percentage. Apart from MGNREGA, various works under Government depts have too decreased leading a crisis in the rural and ADC areas. The Communist Party of India (Marxist) has alleged massive corruption in MGNREGA works and mandays distribution along with deprivation to the largest section of people opts for MGNREGA works. Communist leader Narayan Kar has taken a dig at the BJP Govt for its drastic drop in MGNREGA works, saying from 200 days promise of MGNREGA works, the BJP came in power whereas today in last 19 months only 35 days of average works were given. He also mentioned, those works were maximum done by machines and thus human labour was less invested led the crisis of MGNREGA works in the rural bodies. Narayan Kar alleged, the true MGNREGA workers are paid less, whereas the Mandal and other wings activists of the BJP are earning more in MGNREGA. Kar also asked, why the BJP before the Election promised Rs. 340 wage in MGNREGA and other works, when it is now at reduction of mandays percentage ?

Narayan Kar said, not only MGNREGA, but in Left Govt’s time there were many Govt works which were given to strengthen the rural economy, but due to drops in all these works, people are suffering worst and the rural economy has gone at the verge of destruction.

Farmers’ situations are pathetic and many existing facilities are withdrawn from the farmers’ benefits list.

“Unless enough works will be given to the people, rural economy can not be stable in the far future. Today the rural economy is totally collapsed”, said Narayan Kar.

On April 7, 2019 media reported that MGNREGA mandays fell from 90% to 33% in Tripura in a comparison to the previous Left Govt, whereas unemployment problem has become triple.

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