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Statewide Protest rows continue over Tripura BJP Govt’s inhuman decision of Scrapping Free-Health-Service in State Govt hospitals
TIWN Sep 10, 2019
Statewide Protest rows continue over Tripura BJP Govt’s inhuman decision of Scrapping Free-Health-Service in State Govt hospitals
PHOTO : CPI-M, Congress's rallies in Kailashahar and Agartala consequently (Left), IGM hospital (Right)

AGARTALA, Sep 10 (TIWN): CPI-M, Congress, other non-BJP parties continue statewide agitation over Govt’s inhuman decision of scrapping Free-Medical-Service in State Govt hospitals. No common men supported Government’s decision of snatching free-health-service. CPI-M today conducted massive protest rally at the Kailsahahar subdivision demanding withdrawal of Govt’s brutal decision to scrap Free-Medical-Care. Opposition Congress, which has called the decision of the Govt violation of Supreme Court’s guidelines announced further massive protest to force the Govt to pull of the decision which imposed unnecessary fees on the common men. Congress, CPI-M on yesterday organized various protest rallies in Tripura in different spots of the State demanding resuming of the previous Health Care service. At the same time, in social media youths have called for “No Free Blood Donation” if “Govt can not provide Free Health Service” for people’s welfare.The protest movement was strengthened after a person allegedly died due to lack of treatment in GB hospital over the fee issue.

The deceased has been identified as 56 years old Paresh Modok. He was injured after falling from the roof of his house.  After taking him in the operation theatre Rs. 10000’s challan was sought but the wife of the deceased person only had Rs. 100 in hand. By profession, Modok was a daily workers, working in Lalbahadur club lined in a tiffin shop.after an old person died allegedly getting no treatment in the operation in the GB hospital. However, Chief Minister Biplab Deb has ordered a probe in the death incident and BJP has called the news as ‘rumour’.

Department of Health and Family Welfare on September 6 in a notification No. F.1 (28)-DHS/GS/18   announced that from now the consumers to pay Rs. 20 and Rs. 10 for registration in Out Patient Department (OPD).

Rs. 30 and Rs. 20 for admission in hospital beds need to pay off for all patients. The prices added ICU beds at Rs. 300 for Antodaya Annapurna Yojana (AAY) beneficiaries, Rs. 300 for Priority Group consumers and at Rs. 600 for people above the poverty level per day.

AC cabins in public hospitals would be charged at Rs. 700 daily. Food would be charged at Rs. 50 per day for APL consumers.

On yesterday Congress organized protests in various spots of Tripura. The party also gheraoed GB hospital premise whereas CPI-M has also staged many protests allover the state. 

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