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‘Businessmen are Braver than soldiers in duty at J&K borders’, says Pratima Bhowmik
TIWN Aug 27, 2019
‘Businessmen are Braver than soldiers in duty at J&K borders’, says Pratima Bhowmik
PHOTO : Pratima Bhowmik.

AGARTALA, Aug 27 (TIWN): Tripura BJP MP (via rigging) Pratima Bhowmik when was addressing in a felicitation programme at Bisramganj organized by the Bazar Committee claimed that those BSF and other troops who are working day night at J&K and Borders are braves, but businessmen are braver than those soldiers.

“To do business someone has to be courageous than a solider. Actually they (businessmen) are courageous”, she claimed.

After the video went viral, netizens have slammed her in various WhatsApp and Facebook groups.

Few have questioned, why Pratima Bhowmik has allergy with border guards ? Is this because allegation raised against her and direct blames on her for having nexus with smuggling like activities.

Earlier, Bhowmik said that journalists do not come with her in her car as they are afraid of her high-speed-car.

Such anti-social talks are nothing new for her as she is ill-famed due to another viral video where she is threatening an IPS Officer Kiran Kumar with murder threats saying, “Tereko abhi hum maar dalega”, when her paid workers were indulged in post-poll-violence and the officer went to stop them. 

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