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CM calls for 'Nesha-Mukt Tripura' at Kanchapur, warns ‘Ruthless’ action against Drug-Smugglers
TIWN Aug 26, 2019
CM calls for 'Nesha-Mukt Tripura' at Kanchapur, warns ‘Ruthless’ action against Drug-Smugglers
PHOTO : CM visited at Kanchanpur ITI College for building inauguration.

KANCHANPUR, Aug 26 (TIWN): While addressing at Kanchanpur ITI building inauguration programme on Monday, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb has again and again, from the beginning to end of his speech called for “Nesha Mukt Kanchanpur” and “Neshamukt Tripura” giving stern warning to drug-smugglers. Mentioning, Kanchanpur is the most beautiful place in Tripura, CM has motivated the local people not to be particular about any idea that one has to live in Tripura because s/he was born in Tripura and should be open-minded even beyond borders. Deb said, “You can settle in Kanchanpur or in Japan but the way of your income should generate inspirations to others but this Kanchanpur roads at any condition or any excuse should be transporting ganja, phensedyl and yaba tablets. Our Govt will be ruthless against all drug-peddlers and NDPS act will be imposed equally for all regardless political identity”.

“Since I assumed power, I wanted an addiction free society and my decision is firm till today. Kanchanpur is sharing borders with Mizoram, Bangladesh, Assam but this roads will not bring brown sugar, ganja, phensedyl, yaba tablets. Kanchanpur needs ITI training institution, youths should go to abroad to shine state’s name”, said Biplab Deb. 

“Since our Govt has come, at a huge number drug-smugglers were arrested, put in jail. Even police officials are sent to jail and this culture of drug-smuggling and its networks was created in last 15 to 20 years”, added CM.

“Now this Govt is your Govt. Whatever Govt will earn you will get in return”, he said.

CM also said that the people who involved others in this crime are politically benefited in various ways but this Govt will not tolerate such things.

Biplab Deb also talked about employment, promising 50 TCS, TPS recruitment per year.

He praised the Modi Govt for expending 50% of total Railway fund for Northeast only for Tripura.

“Our Govt has been designing all means of transport system form water-ways to airways and now DEMU trains are going to be started soon where you will get a train at every half an hour”, Deb told the people of Kanchanpur.

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