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Road Contractor Rinku Nath files complaint against extortion specialist ‘Headlines Tripura’ Journalist Sujit Barua
TIWN Aug 25, 2019
Road Contractor Rinku Nath files complaint against extortion specialist ‘Headlines Tripura’ Journalist Sujit Barua
PHOTO : Headlines Tripura owner Pranab Sarkar with Sujit Barua, Photos inset : Contractor Rinku Nath, Headlines Tripura Journalist Sujit Barua

AGARTALA, Aug 25 (TIWN): FAKE NEWS Industry mill cum TV Channel ‘Headlines Tripura’ of Pranab Sarkar continues to be exposed now by this channel’s blackmailing, organized extortion policy’s victims regardless police officer or businessmen. Earlier, 2018’s fake award ceremony scam and now blackmailing, money extortion charges have exposed the ‘FAKE NEWS Industry’ run by media-mafias. One more complaint has been filed against this Bengali local TV channel of Tripura ‘Headlines Tripura’ journalist Sujit Barua by a contractor Rinku Nath for extorting Rs 15000 .

Headlines Tripura channel owner Pranab Sarkar’s organized blackmailing cum extortion racket via its Journalists continue to get exposed as Police officials to public coming forward against this scam.

Police officer Ramkrishna Das already filed an FIR in blackmailing and money extortion charge of Rs 50000 against Headlines Tripura” journalist Sujit Barua. 

At first the 2nd OC of Kanchanpur PS Ramkrishna Das lodged the FIR after the police officer was put in a blackmailing cum extortion demand of Rs 50000 money by Sujit Barua along-with few more criminals. After SI Ramakrishna Das denied to give then Sujit Barua & other Journalist named criminals pushed Police officer’s vehicle in a water-body. 
Headlines Tripura Journalists like Sujit Barua running organized racket of extortion under the supervision by channel’s owner Pranab Sarkar.
When “Headlines Tripura” channel attempted to hide its crime by displaying a “FAKE NEWS” against the police officer saying he was drunk while driving, today another person who is contractor by profession of Kanchanpur named Rinku Nath has exposed this channel’s journalist Sujit Barua with same allegation of “blackmailing” for money.
Rinku Nath said, “When I was making Buiacherra area’s road at Shibnanagar, Sujit Barua by blackmailing with negative news’s threat about the construction works, took Rs. 15000. Rinku Nath was the construction manager of that site on that time.
By blackmailing, Sujit Barua has made hefty properties, constructed houses under the code of so called “journalist”and then paid extortion money’s commissions to channel owner Pranab Sarkar.
After the police officer Rajkumar Das filed FIR now the similar kinds of victims are opening mouths.
After intrigue against police by ‘Headlines Tripura’ journalist was exposed, resentments have brewed among common people. Such expose of media-faces generally raise question on media’s reliability.
Sujit Barua under ‘Headlines Tripura’ TV channel owner Pranab Sarkar was exposed in the scam 24 hours after the blackmailing/extortion demand was made against the police official.
From SI Ramkrishna Das, the journalist of ‘Headlines Tripura’ demanded Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 extortion money saying he is going to Agartala and that’s why he needs that money.
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