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From Classroom to Police Station to Court, Moti Kapoor’s nonstop entertainment continues
TIWN Aug 24, 2019
From Classroom to Police Station to Court, Moti Kapoor’s nonstop entertainment continues
PHOTO : Left : Moti Kapoor dancing in class room at Tripura University, Right : Moti Kapoor arrested (top), Moti Kapoor produced before court (bottom)

AGARTALA, Aug 24 (TIWN): Tripura University’s suspended guest lecturer Moti Kapoor, who got a viral, funny image after displaying Kung-fu and singing Hindi songs in Sociology Department’s classroom soon became a criminal after his violent attack in a newspaper house in Agartala and finally his journey came to an end for now after police produced him before Court.

The suspended lecturer had attacked a English daily newspaper ‘Tripura Times’ office for publishing news against his crazy behavior in classrooms.

However, from Kung-fu display to Court journey via police station, this suspended guest lecturer has been entertaining everyone. With his videos with comedy dialogues non-stop he is entertaining netizens ofcourse.

Today he was produced before court after he attacked a newspaper office and also High Court judge Arindam Lodh.

But when accused Moti Kapoor saw media persons in court he said, “Please cooperate with me. I am highly qualified man with 7 national degrees, 2 international awards”.

 Tripura Police has arrested Tripura University’s crazy Guest Lecturer Motikapur M. Moon on Friday night, who was in disguise of a worker, typing “gamcha” (local towel) on his head.

The guest lecturer became overnight popular after a viral video of his Kung-fu and singing of hindi songs, with dialogues as “Chun Chun Kar marunga” was spread in the internet.

Motipapur was appointed by Tripura University Vice Chancellor Prof Dharulkar’, later he himself terminated him.

After the news was published and her was suspended, the suspended Tripura University Guest Lecturer of Sociology Dept Motikapur now then has committed another crime by attacking High Court Justice Arindam Lodh and his family run newspaper office complex. He rushed with few people in the Tripura Times Office and caused minor injuries to a senior journalist at there on August 14.

Moti Kapoor also threatened that he will come next time with 2,000 students in front of the newspaper office.

Tripura Times was established by Justice Lodh’s father, the Late Apanshu Mohan Lodh, way back in 1960, later Arindam Lodh was Editor before being appointed as High Court Judge.

However, this Motikapur also created chaos in the police station with his so called extra-curriculum talent, entertained police officials too and his entertainment continued in court premise.

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