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CM opts for ‘Medical Hub’ in Tripura, announced, ‘Northeast biggest Cancer Centre in Tripura soon’
TIWN Aug 24, 2019
CM opts for ‘Medical Hub’ in Tripura, announced, ‘Northeast biggest Cancer Centre in Tripura soon’
PHOTO : CM addressing in TIPS. TIWN Pic Aug 24, 2019

AGARTALA, Aug 24 (TIWN): Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb on Saturday while addressing at the 11th foundation day programme of Tripura Institute of Paramedical Sciences (TIPS) said that Tripura is the perfect place to lead a medical hub in future due to geographical atmosphere. “Tripura has the potentially for Medical hub. State Govt has started to work in this direction already. Tripura also has huge numbers of hospitals but people are travelling to Chennai and other states for treatment. Only due to flight charges the patient parties are costing at least Rs. 50,000. It means at least 2.30 lakhs are spent and also lots of patients from Bangladesh travel in other states, but if our state can provide similar quality’s health service like outside hospitals all the patients will come here in Tripura and this will bless Tripura’s economy. Their costs will also be less and the treatment will be cheaper, but that level of service should be given by us so that patients chose to travel in Tripura and Tripura people never go outside”. CM announced that Regional Cancer centre at the cost of Rs. 160 crores is going to be started in Tripura soon.

Deb said, “This institution of cancer-trearment will be the biggest cancer recovery institution in Northeast. All modern equipments have come here but for maintenance, experts are needed and various types of staffs are also needed with various qualities. Right persons are needed to run those machines in proper manner and the cost of tests will also less if experts are here”.

CM also said, “Medical Industry can give Rs. 200 crores to Rs. 250 crores revenue. Health service can be also a big industry, but industry with service. That is the reason PPP model has been called as new addition”.

“Competition is very important even in Govt hospitals and that’s why PPP model’s need comes here. All steps of Govt can not be successful but there should not be any strict-allergy with anything, just like earlier, PPP model’s idea was always dumped resulting a pale health infrastructure in Tripura hospitals”, Deb added.

“We are going to bring experts from outside. Even Govt is talking with US base companies and in exchange Tripura Govt demanded good-service”, he added.

“In this way revenue will increase, GDP will raise and automatically development will come in our state”, said Deb.

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