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BJP’s ‘Ek Tripura, Shrestha Tripura’ Mission vs. IPFT’s Tipraland Dream increasing ideological tensions in alliance
TIWN Aug 22, 2019
BJP’s ‘Ek Tripura, Shrestha Tripura’ Mission vs. IPFT’s Tipraland Dream increasing ideological tensions in alliance
PHOTO : BJP rally (Left), IPFT rally (Right). File Photo.

AGARTALA, Aug 22 (TIWN): Tripura’s ruling party BJP has set a milestone of “Ek Tripura Shrestha Tripura”, whereas BJP’s political ally IPFT continues its demand of Tipraland which may take a serious turn as IPFT’s is now put on question mark for not raising the Tipraland issue in the Assembly. On the other side, a source has informed BJP has made it clear to IPFT that they will never get a separate Tipraland as it clashes with BJP’s agenda and future planning for a model state under “Sab Ka Sath, Sab Ka Bikas, Sab Ka Biswas”. On yesterday, IPFT has announced that the party to observe Tipraland Demand Day or Statehood Demand day on August 23. The IPFT will observe the '11th Tipraland Demand Day' at Khumulwng, headquarters of the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council (TTAADC), and said it would not veer away from its core statehood agenda. State Revenue Minister and IPFT president Narendra Chandra Debbarma will address a massive gathering at Khumulwng Academy Grounds, about 30 km from Agartala, and said Tipraland is indigenous peoples' core demand.

BJP has decided to make its own ground to increase ADC area’s vote banks and to assist BJP for that the faction IPFT members from IPFT-Tipraha along with top leaders have joined BJP on Monday.

This joining has been termed by BJP a remarkable achievement at the beginning of BJP’s aim to occupy whole ADC vote banks via strengthening organization and reaching out the common men with PM Modi’s vision of ‘Sabka Sath, Sabka Bikas, Sabka Biswas’. The joining programme was done at the BJP State headquarter on yesterday under BJP MP Reabti Tripura. Such joinings have rattled the IPFT which is suffering due to lack of public faith on the party followed by various incidents including IPFT’s failure to their promise on Tipraland, a separate state for the Tiprasa. Addressing media on that occasion, BJP MP Rebati Tripura said on yesterday, under General Secretary Nakshatra Jamatia many activists have joined. Soon all will be joining and after that BJP will announce it officially.

IPFT-Tipraha is the faction of IPFT which was divided due to ideological clash with IPFT President NC Debbarma, but in the last Assembly Election 2018, IPFT-Tipraha and IPFT worked jointly.

BJP has set vision to strengthen vote banks of indigenous people under PM Modi’s Sab Ka Sath, Sab Ka Bikas agenda and such joining programmes are parts of it.

Noteworthy, on August 11, referring news reports, MP Rebati Tripura said time to time newspaper reports show what’s going due to such distasteful activities of them (IPFT) and we also have taken actions time to time  accordingly, but BJP believes in “Sab Ka Satha, Sab Ka Bikas and Sab Ka Biswas”. There is no other agenda of BJP except to form “Ek Tripura, Srestha Tripura”, said the MP..

On being asked by media, whether BJP IPFT alliance will exist in future, Rebati Tripura said that it can not be said now whether the alliance will stay or not  but BJP will never compromise with its ‘Ek Tripura, Shrestha Tripura’ formula.

BJP-IPFT has formed Govt in Tripura in alliance on March 9, 2018 but in last 16 months there were uncountable clashes between BJP and IPFT. IPFT is considered as BJP’s vote bank base among ADC areas people, athough in MP election IPFT miserably failed.

Also, when BJP believes in One Tripura, IPFT’s cause as a party is a separate State for Tripura Tipraland.

Thus, BJP now has focused to strengthen the party so that without IPFT it can battle the Assembly Election after 3 and half years. 

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