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PM Modi’s I-Day speech added by Political Strike at Red Fort, says, ‘70 years pending work on Article 370, 35A is now done at 70 days of new Govt’
TIWN Aug 15, 2019
PM Modi’s I-Day speech added by Political Strike at Red Fort, says, ‘70 years pending work on Article 370, 35A is now done at 70 days of new Govt’
PHOTO : PM Modi addressing at Red Fort. August 15, 2019

NEW DELHI / AGARTALA, Aug 15 (TIWN): Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing from the Red Fort to the nation took a political jibe at the opposition specially those who tried to stop the removal of Article 370. PM said, it will now help a J&K person to directly talk to the centre and nothing will come in the middle. “The previous Governments tried to do in favour of development but due to certain reasons they could not be succeeded and as a result new thinking became important. As removal of Tin Talak was important just like India earlier stopped Sati Pratha and Bal Bibah, in the same way article action on 370, 35 A were equally important”. “Due to political reasons, our Govt don’t delay the issues, neither nurture the problems. What could not be done in last 70 years it didn’t happen, before 70 days of the new Govt we have done it”. The PM further slammed “algawad” and “terrorism” stressing mandatory thought for One Nation, one Constitution. The PM further announced, ‘Like removal of 370’s removal One Country, One Election should be implemented”.

Modi on hailed his government's decision to revoke Article 370 of the Constitution that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir, saying that it was a step towards realising the dream of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort on the 73rd Independence Day, Modi said: "The government is yet to complete 10 weeks and we have provided speed to the development programme. We did not wait even a day to start our work. "In this short span of time, we have taken important steps in every sector. Article 370 and 35A being revoked from Jammu and Kashmir is a step towards realising the dream of Sardar Patel."

He said the work which was pending for the last 70 years was accomplished in less than 70 days under his government.

The Prime Minister said everyone wanted Article 370 to be scrapped, but they were waiting for the appropriate time. He added that his government had taken important steps to end triple talaq, for the welfare of farmers and traders and also to make the medical sector even more people friendly.

Talking about water conservation, the Prime Minister said: "India understands the importance of water conservation and thus, a new Ministry for 'Jal Shakti' has been created."

He also paid tribute to the those who laid their lives for the independence of the nation.

"There were many who laid their lives for the nation. Many were hanged to death for our freedom. Today I remember all of them. Today, for the development of our free India, everybody who has contributed to this, I remember all of them”, said PM. 

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