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‘Fulfill your Vision Document’s promise given to us’, Terminated 10323 teachers told Tripura Govt : Edu-Minister said, ‘Matter is very complex’
TIWN Aug 15, 2019
‘Fulfill your Vision Document’s promise given to us’, Terminated 10323 teachers told Tripura Govt : Edu-Minister said, ‘Matter is very complex’
PHOTO : Left : Education Minister Ratanlal Nath, Right : 10323 teachers protesting in demand of livelihood.

AGARTALA, Aug 15 (TIWN): Terminated 10323 teachers have requested the Govt of Tripura to fulfill the given pre-poll promise to them which was scripted in the Vision Document before Assembly Election 2019 in Vision Document. It was said in Vision Document, published by the then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma , “Once BJP Govt comes in power, it will solve the problems of 10323 teachers”. However, after 16 months of the Govt so far no solution came out the Education Dept headed by Minister Ratanlal Nath is striving hard to find out how to solve the teachers problems. The Education dept reportedly will hold a meeting in this regard. Addressing state's media persons the Education Minister said, “It is very complex matter, Supreme Court is the Law of the Land and the teachers' jobs are already gone.

But we will examine each possible method to save the teachers’ lives”. Ratanlal Nath said that the matter is very critical as Supreme Court’s verdict means the highest Law but Govt will hold a meeting with Education Dept to find out the ways to save 10323 teachers’ lives. He also suggested 10323 teachers to contribute ideas how to solve their problems.

10323 teachers under All Tripura Govt ad-hoc 10323 teachers association have placed a deputation to Chief Minister Biplab Deb on yesterday and the protest was held amid heavy rainy weather. Before placing deputation, a protest was staged demanding livelihoods as BJP before the election promised the teachers to solve their uncertain future problems. Today the teachers were seen protesting with family members demanding livelihoods. Few came with children, few with old mothers and many teachers came with wives.

The teachers are now divided in two groups as the faction 10323 victimized Teachers Association met Education Minister Ratanlal Nath, whereas today the ad-hoc 10323 teachers placed deputation to CM. Teachers’ Association member Bimal Saha has called all 10323 teachers to join the mass deputation with them so that the movement get stronger.

 The teachers said, they have already completed 10 years of their jobs but yet deprive of various benefits. 10323 teachers demanded about regularization according to Vision Document, 7th Pay Commission, die-in-harness jobs for the passed away 10323 teachers family members, EL, CL must be similar like others. The teachers have requested all teachers to join and not to be confused by anyone’s intrigue, urging them to be united forever.

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