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‘Missed Call BABA’ on high alert after Fake-Promise Exposed : Left Govt proven as 10 times more capable to generate Employment than BJP
TIWN March 14, 2019
‘Missed Call BABA’ on high alert after Fake-Promise Exposed : Left Govt proven as 10 times more capable to generate Employment than BJP
PHOTO : Left : BJP national secretary Sunil Deodhar, Right : Unemployed youths attending job fair.

AGARTALA, March 14 (TIWN): Affecting over 8000 youths, TPSC had cancelled all the ongoing recruitments under BJP Govt, although TPSC is considered as one autonomous body uncontrolled by the Govt. Apart from TPSC, thousands of recruitment officially, unofficially were cancelled, added by massive terminations. It’s being observed that the previous CPI-M Govt was 10 times more capable of giving Govt jobs, amid fund crisis. By any means, even without day to day Delhi visits like the present CM Biplab Deb, Manik Sarkar’s Govt continued to give jobs, regular salaries, yearly DA, wage / salary hikes. But the BJP-IPFT Govt although having a same Govt at the centre, but successfully reeled the state under massive economic crisis, unemployment rate has been doubled. Most popular and capable orator Sunil Deodhar himself is failed to convince the voters, specially the unemployed youths as his own JUMLA along with BJP led fake promised have been exposed. In case of Tripura, Deodhar is known as ‘Missed Call Baba’ by his famous phone number 8882271955 which is right now saying, ‘Switched off Aahe…’ which he gave to Tripura’s unemployed youths before Assembly Election for getting jobs via “missed calls”.

In this condition CPI-M’s two candidates : MP Jitendra Chaudhury, MP Shankar Prasad Datta’s appeal seem more valid than BJP to the voters, says report.

While addressing media, however, Sunil Deodhar  on yesterday said that BJP will win at least 20 seats from the Northeast and with a confident smile said that Tripura’s two seats will be the easiest seats for BJP to win.

Frustration against the BJP Govt went high in last 1 year and the Govt image has left just as a JUMLA-Govt. BJP which promised to give 50000 jobs in the first one year, is totally silent about it, whereas 1 year has gone without recruitment. Instead of recruiting, all the existing jobs under the Left Govt was cancelled by the BJP Govt. Tripura Public Service Commission (TPSC) website which has been unemployed youths eye-centre for decades have published only 5 notifications in last four months (November, 2018 to February, 2019) but with an irony all the notifications were subjected to reminder of postponing or cancellation of jobs. All the notifications shocked the job aspirants in the last four moths after a year-long holding of those jobs in the name of “postponing”.

BJP’s Vision Document unfurled by Arun Jaitley, it says in page 6 Point No-7, “There are about 50,000 vacancies in the state government. We will fill up all these vacancies within a year through a transparent process”. 

But in a surprising move, Chief Minister Biplab Deb said that BJP never promised 50,000 vacant posts will be filled up.


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