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Govt report says, shops were burnt by NESO agitators, but footage says a different story
TIWN March 2, 2019
Govt report says, shops were burnt by NESO agitators, but footage says a different story
PHOTO : Few non-locals of Madhav Bari burning public properties. TIWN Pic Jan 8, 2019

AGARTALA, March 2 (TIWN): As expected BJP hooligans have been saved by the Govt and no action was so far taken against the people, who burnt the shops. Rather Chief Minister Biplab Deb said that public properties were burnt by the agitators who were protested at Madhav Bari.

The report which was promised to give within 1 months, Govt crossed around 2 months to publish and now eyewashing suspension of few lower ranker police officials have been initiated.

Just as Ram Mandir issue, under BJP Govt’s irresponsible leadership Northeast peace on the verges of destruction with communal issues. After Jirania violence, police left 6 Tiprasa youths injured in bullet, internet was suspended for 4 days.

As soon as internet was back, shocking videos are coming out where it’s clearly seen that the shops and houses were not burnt by the agitators but a set of non-tribal people with BJP flags entered the area and also burnt shops and public property, but when the injured Tiprasa students were being taken to hospital, now the police themselves had attacked the ambulance and that video is also viral.

These 3 important incidents : 1) BJP activists gathering, 2) Police attack on agitators in the ambulance, 3) Police firing are enough to get a clear picture and possibility of justice to the Tiprasa youths are close when Judicial investigation was ordered, even though all blames went to the agitators who were agitating against citizenship bill.

Earlier, BJP-IPFT Govt had blamed CPI-M and INPT and other other regional parties for the violence, but after the biggest exposure of police-attacking-injured-agitators.

Earlier,except (TIWN) no media could directly hit Tripura police in this case but now truth has been revealed and police firing on agitators was exposed as brutal and also a big conspiracy against people who are against Citizenship Bill. This violent incident happened on the 8th of January.

A protest which was being held against the citizenship amendment bill was underway and the cops were clashing with the protesters. 

On the same day, when police were brutally tortured the Citizenship Bill's agitators, in Lok Sabha the bill was passed allegedly by force amid all oppositions' objection.

Congress State President Pradyot Manikya said that by suspending few lower ranked police officers, Govt can’t eyewash that the police firing was done without Home Dept’s permission which is holding by CM Biplab Deb.

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