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Tripura Economy reels under crisis : No Cinema House, No Big Bazar, Highest Unemployment, shutdown of Hotel Sonar Tari exposed Biplab Deb’s 11 month’s JUMLA ‘Transforming Tripura’
TIWN Feb 20, 2019
Tripura Economy reels under crisis : No Cinema House, No Big Bazar, Highest Unemployment, shutdown of Hotel Sonar Tari exposed Biplab Deb’s 11 month’s JUMLA  ‘Transforming Tripura’

AGARTALA, Feb 20 (TIWN): Tripura economy under heavy crisis as Statewide attacks on businesses continue for party fund collection. 11 month's of Biplab Deb Govt has caused highest ever unemployment rate according to CMIE report with 30.9%, whereas over 200 to be added with the shutdown of Big Bazar, Hotel Sonar Tari, Cinema House. At the same time, youngsters’ one and only space for entertainment in the small town will be no more with the Big Bazar's shutdown. If Govt had good will, before the cases were placed in High Court it could easily help the hotels, supermarkets to repair the necessities, but instead of helping them, Govt gave negative reports on this hotel’s fire-safety issue as State Fire Dept didn't issue NOC (No Objection Certificate). Moreover, in case of Big Bazar, NOC was said that withdrawn by the Fire dept. When big hotels are shutting down, at the same time flight service were also downed in the last 11 months of BJP era. At least 200 people to lose livelihood with the hotel Sonar Tari, Big Bazar’s shutdown.

All though shutdown was caused by High Court’s order, but State Govt’s statement played a huge role which allegedly lacked compassion. It was also alleged, Fire Brigade didn’t visit the places in time after repairing.

BJP years after years continued to use this hotel without paying the hotel bills and when the hotels stopped service after 11 months the NOC cause the main problem.Now the hotel is under huge losses as BJP didn’t clear the pending bills.

Biplab Deb in 11 months has taken Tripura at mountain amount of  unemployment rate, since a year BJP before the election in written document named ‘Vision Document’, published by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that as soon as BJP will come in power 50,000 vacant posts will be filled up in the first one year of the Govt formation, whereas in reality the Govt has slashed jobs of many contractual employees and further cancelled all existing recruitment which were ongoing since CPI-M era. Moreover, TPSC which is known as an autonomous body, functioned independently was forced to cancel all existing recruitments followed by moths of postponing under Govt’s order which raised question on TPSC’s neutral role.

It’s shown in the TPSC website that since four months TPSC has published 5 notifications and all the notifications are about postponing or cancellation of ongoing recruitment.

Resentments have been brewed among the unemployed youths as not only TPSC but all the Govt Depts have cancelled ongoing recruitments erupted massive frustration.

On Monday, 484 TSR job aspirants went to Minister Sudip Barman’s quarter premise after they roamed from this door to that door. The Govt didn’t say anything about their confusions whether to recruit them or not.

Tripura unemployment rate is now 30.9%, highest ever percentage of Tripura’s history. It was 9 to 15% in CPI-M Govt’s time which has been double this month.

TPSC didn’t release any advertisement except cancellation and postponing of interviews.

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