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Biplab Deb's Dirty Game to sabotage Health Minister Sudip Barman's DWS programme exposed bare open : Sudip Barman warns ‘Black Sheep’, fires back at JUMLA Cowards
TIWN Jan 28, 2019
Biplab Deb's Dirty Game to sabotage Health Minister Sudip Barman's DWS programme exposed bare open : Sudip Barman warns ‘Black Sheep’, fires back at JUMLA Cowards
PHOTO : Sudip Barman slams Biplab Deb, Kumar Alok's dirty planning. TIWN Pic Jan 28

AGARTALA, Jan 28 (TIWN): Biplab Deb's dirty game to spoil political rival cum next likely CM Sudip Barman's DWS programme was exposed as Principal Secretary Kumar Alok under the instruction of Biplab Deb last night sent SMS to over 500 participants not to show up today's DWS programme (at Town Hall, Agartala). SMS was sent without the knowledge of Health Minister Sudip Barman and Minister came to know this sabotage attempt. Issuing a strict warning to Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s 'BLACK SHEEP' Kumar Alok not to interfere in Health Dept works and programmes, Sudip Barman blasted these cowards, Health Minister Sudip Barman while addressing at the Atal Jaldhara programme at the Town Hall on Monday said in future such interference will not be tolerated. Kumar Alok, the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister sent sms to the participants saying the programme will not be conducted under higher authority order. Via sources Health Minister Sudip Barman has come to know it was Kumar Alok who has done this under Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s order. Sudip Barman after acknowledging lost his cool, but didn’t hit Alok by mentioning name in the progarmme.

Addressing the programme before ending, Sudip Barman said, “Centering the programme since yesterday, suddenly rumours were spread that  the programme will not be held and there is no necessity of coming in the progarmme. We have identified the balck-sheep of the administration who has done this. Staying in the Govt, such elements are maligning the Govt image. In coming days there will be strict actions against such fellows. Without informing the Departmental Minister such interference will no more be tolerated”.  TIWN Youtube link for Sudip Barman's speech against Principal Secretary to CM Kumar Alok 

Biplab Deb’s planning was however itself flopped as huge numbers of audience gathered in the hall.

Chief Minister Biplab Deb came in media criticism many times for his too much interference in other Ministers’ Departments and attempts of taking the full media publicity.

From Finance Minister Jishnu Debbarma to Tourism Minister Pranajit Singha Roy all have been targeted by Biplab Deb indirectly in attempt of media hunger. However, Sudip Barman has been the main rival of BJP, even though Tripura BJP’s future was sealed by Barman led huge ex-Congress members joined BJP.

Earlier also, Biplab Deb was hammered by Sudip Barman after he questioned whether unnecessary blood is being given to the patients under Health Depts or not.

Biplab Deb has four OSDs, 20 vehicle convoy with ambulance service and also took a palace at Delhi under Govt recommendation. Along with his gaffes, such corruptions of Biplab deb were time to time in national media. 

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