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‘Father of Constitution’ principles insulted everyday in Tripura by Saffron Terror : Tripura suffers, more party offices burnt, attacks continue upon opposition, media in ‘Saddam Era’
TIWN Dec 6, 2018
‘Father of Constitution’ principles insulted everyday in Tripura by Saffron Terror : Tripura suffers, more party offices burnt, attacks continue upon opposition, media in ‘Saddam Era’
PHOTO : Pic 1 : Biplab Deb pays tribute to Dr B R Ambedkar, Other Pics : Attacks upon opposition candidates' houses centering Municipal poll.

AGARTALA, Dec 6 (TIWN): BJP’s organized terror continue to suppress democratic voices across Tripura which is against the principles of Indian Constitution and Democracy. When father of Constitution Dr. B R Ambedkar’s death anniversary has been observed across Tripura, Chief Minister Biplab Deb has paid floral tribute to Ambedkar, lectured on the so called ‘integrity’ and 'equality' of India, state Tripura is now totally captured under BJP’s terror, murdering of democracy plan-wise conducted each night by attacks, threats and fires. Across Melaghar many people, opposition supporters were bound to leave houses out of BJP terror. One more party office at Udaipur Jagannath Chowmuhani was burnt, families were attacked, hospitalized those who submitted nominations. Already out of 158 seats, BJP has won 67 seats without any contest as no other opposition party was allowed to submit nominations. Police’s biased role is directly helping the nighmare culprits to enter people’s homes by covering faces with black clothes and to attack.CPI-M has termed the existing condition of the state as “Jungle Raj” led by Chief Minister Biplab Deb.

 Since the beginning either attack upon Manik Sarkar or attack upon Jitendra Chaudhury, Badal Choudhury but across the state police never took action against the miscreants and also in Bishalgarh violence by Yuva Morcha leader Nabadul Banik or Dukli violence by MLA Ram Prasad Pal, no action was taken against the culprits and finally Tripura is now being reeled under the 88’s era time when broad day light attacks, infront of police and not allowing candidates to submit nominations by stopping them in front of SDM office openly has darkened Tripura’s political history.

In this condition, remembering Dr B R Ambedkar by BJP is itself utter shame as the party has emerged as most unconstitutional party of the country from blocking of media, attacks, harassments to senior citizens to women all barbaric experiences are practiced in this era.

BJP since the beginning from Lenin’s statue demolition to BJP Yuva Morcha leader Joylal Das’s hate speech on CPI-M who openly asked activists to make sure that CPI-M should not submit a single nomination paper in the upcoming by-polls and if they attempts their bones should be broken.

Following the trend everyday attacks upon opposition, media have been sparked across Tripura. 

Role of Tripura CM Biplab Deb, who is also the Home Minister has been silent till now even though the attackers faces, activities were exposed in social media after almost every attack.

On yesterday even though 6 persons were arrested at Melaghar but police were bound to release them. Tripura is experiencing worst outcomes of the Govt when one Dipak Debnath was arrested recently just for sharing a news in his facebook.

However, along with whole nation Tripura also paid homage to Bharat Ratna Dr BR Ambedkar on his 63rd Mahaparinirvan Diwas on Thursday, whereas Baba Saheb’s ideology is being killed each night under black cloth covered faces.

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