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Ambedkar’s 63rd death anniversary : CPI-M calls for ‘Secularism’, BJP backs ‘Dalit-rights’
TIWN Dec 6, 2018
Ambedkar’s 63rd death anniversary : CPI-M calls for ‘Secularism’, BJP backs ‘Dalit-rights’
PHOTO : Left : CPI-M paid tribute to Dr B R Ambedkar, Right : BJP paid tribute to Dr B R Ambedkar. TIWN Pics Dec 6

AGARTALA, Dec 6 (TIWN): On the occasion of 63rd death anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar, the father of Indian constitution, ruling BJP has observed the day raising ‘Dalit-rights’ issues in Tripura, whereas CPI-M has taken oath of secularism in the same state. BJP SC-cell paid tribute to Ambedkar and party Vice President Subal Bhowmik was present on the occasion. In an oath-taking observation, CPI-M has recalled the importance of Dr B R Ambedkar’s ideology once again in this country as this is the same day which the communists are dedicating as one of the black days of Indian history, remembering Babri Mosque demolition in India in 1992 at Uttar Pradesh, Ayodhya, which fueled communal tension across the Asian counties including Bangladesh. CPI-M however, remembers the day every year marking it as “Sanghati Diwas” protesting against the Babri Mosque demolition as well as the death anniversary of Ambedkar and this year too this “Sanghati Diwas” has been observed by CPI-M even though the party is now opposition.

But an annual fair had been conducted at South Tripura to unite Hindu, Muslims since decades and thousands of Hindus, Muslims remained present on that occasion, but this year, this fair was abandoned under BJP Govt. 

CPI-M has also raised the issue through press conference, condemning the decision of prohibiting the fair as undemocratic.

However, December 6 has been a day of criticism which one the one side, people remember the builder of India’s democracy Dr B R Ambedkar whereas on the other side, saffron led Babri mosque demolition marked a blot in the non-violence democratic practice of India and at the same time a section political believers celebrate this day claiming it as Vijay Diwas claiming they freed the place of Lord Ram’s birth place occupied by Babri mosque.

However, along with whole nation, Tripura also paid tribute to Dr B R Ambedkar. Chief Minister Biplab Deb paid homage to Ambedkar at Agartala.

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