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‘Modi gave Lota to Tripura’, CPI-M Ex-Finance Minister counterattacks BJP’s fund crisis propaganda-blames on CPI-M
TIWN Dec 5, 2018
‘Modi gave Lota to Tripura’, CPI-M Ex-Finance Minister counterattacks BJP’s fund crisis propaganda-blames on CPI-M
PHOTO : Left : Tripura CM Biplab Deb met PM Modi, Right : CPI-M Ex-Finance Minister Bhanulal Saha.

AGARTALA, Dec 5 (TIWN): Counterattacking the ongoing fund crisis blames of BJP Govt due to the previous CPI-M, CPI-M Ex-Finance Minister Bhanulal Saha has hit the BJP led State BJP Govt saying, ahead of Lok Sabha Election instead of fulfilling promises done to the people, BJP is all time busy to blame the previous CPI-M Govt. Bhanulal Saha said, BJP is day-night propagating CPI-M had kept the Govt under heavy debts whereas it was Modi Govt which bound Tripura to take debts as in Verma Commission report it has been revealed that since 2014 (Modi Govt assumed power at centre) the fund flow for Tripura was decreased. Saha also raised question, how much debt the Govt of India has does the State Finance Minister Jishnu Debbarma know ? Moreover, CPI-M didn’t take any debt against law, rather according to Govt of India’s law the debt was taken. Bhanulal Saha further said, “Before the election, Modi promised to create a fund-flood in the state from centre but when Chief Minister Biplab Deb promised to bring pitcher-full fund from centre, after visiting Delhi he returned with a lota (small water vessel of brass)”.

Saha quoted Verma Committee report which was made by BJP Govt for 7th Pay Commission recommendation.Shockingly Verma Committee has said that since 2014 (Modi Govt) the funding decreased. Committee report says, "It is observed that the receipt from the Central Government started falling after 2014-15 and obviously it has severely affected the finances of the State Government. Under these circumstances the options for the State Government were limited to reduce the development expenditure and avoid any further expenditure on salaries".

Thus there is no doubt that Modi Govt created economic blockade for Manik Sarkar's Govt and even after change in Govt in state nothing has been changed. In a press confernce CPI-M two ex-Finance Ministers Badal Choudhury, Bhanu Lal Saha have also raised the issue.

"State's Own Revenue Receipt is about 20 % of the total receipt of the State which indicates heavy dependence on funds under Revenue Deficit Grant/ Share of Union Taxes, There is not much increase in the Non Plan Gap Grant and the FC Grant during the years 2015 to 2018", said the Committee report.

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