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Tripura celebrates Diwali with fervour : Houses decorated with candles, lamps on auspicious Diwali evening, fire crackers burnt Statewide
TIWN Nov 7, 2018
Tripura celebrates Diwali with fervour : Houses decorated with candles, lamps on auspicious Diwali evening, fire crackers burnt Statewide
PHOTO : Diwali celebrated at Agartala temples, clubs and houses. TIWN Pics Nov 7

AGARTALA, Nov 7 (TIWN): People all across Tripura celebrating the two-day long Diwali festival. Children, youths, grownups on Wednesday plunged into the festive fervour of Diwali celebrations, carrying on with their joyous mood of Kali Puja observed across the state a day ago.In the evening, children and youths are celebrating Diwali with fire crackers, whereas girls and elders lighted candles or 'diya' (earthen lamps). Pandals were set up and decorated with various colourful materials and decorative items. Kids and youth were witnessed busy in lighting fire crackers and put diyas in the house premises. People across the state woke up early, wore new clothes and performed prayers at home to mark the festival of lights. This was followed by another round of cracker explosions. People where witnessed, lightening Diyas and Chinese lights to decorate their house, many club committees have set up pandals to celebrate Kali Puja. Besides, they have arranged various cultural programmes at the pandal premises.

Neighbours, relatives and friends exchanged Diwali greetings.Diwali, which is celebrated on Amavasya (no moon day), is marked by lighting of lamps and diyas (earthen lamps) in the evening. It is the day to offer special prayers to Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth.The festival of lights marks the triumph of good over evil, and is widely believed to mark the return of Hindu god.

Some people use decorated light candles, some decorated diya or clay lamps, and other decorative lights and put them in their windows for the festival.

Traditionally 'earthen lamps' with cotton wicks and oil to light up the dark night were used by the peoples but as people moves towards the modernity and in temptation of saving time, people generally opt for Chinese lights to decorate and lighted their houses.

Besides, people celebrate the day lighting fire crackers. As the administration has instructed not to use high decibel crackers, people were observed lightening several other fire crackers which are of decibel.

Hundreds of fire crackers were lightened in the Police reserve of Drop Gate. Peoples thronged in to the reserve to watch the crackers.

However, police have also put a blanket ban on bursting of crackers between 10 pm and 6 am. Loudspeakers are a strict no after 10pm.

At Udaipur Matabari the main festival is going on since two days leading over 5 lakhs of devotees visit. 

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