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'Black Day' in Tripura Administration under BJP Govt : most Honest & Upright IAS Officer Y. Kumar takes (forced ?) Voluntary Retirement, Corrupt crooks rule the roost under Biplab Era
TIWN Aug 8,2018
'Black Day' in Tripura Administration under BJP Govt : most Honest & Upright IAS Officer Y. Kumar takes (forced ?) Voluntary Retirement, Corrupt crooks rule the roost under Biplab Era
PHOTO : Centre Y. Kumar, OSD Dilip Roy (baldheaded) with CM Biplab Deb, on the bottom right GSG Ayyangar (wearing glasses). TIWN File Photo

AGARTALA, Aug 8 (TIWN): Tripura’s most honest & uptight IAS officer Y,Kumar’s premature voluntary retirement signals rampant misrule and domination by corrupt coterie like GSG Ayyangar’s group blessed by other than Chief Minister Biplab Deb. Harassment of honest IAS, IPS, TCS, TPS Officers began since the very beginning of Biplab Deb's elevation to Chief Minister’s post. Even though what is Chief Minister Biplab Deb's education qualification still under cloud but that didn’t prevent him selecting all corrupt crooks like TPS officer Dilip Roy as his OSD. After three days of taking charge as the Chief Minister on March 13, Biplab insulted and suspended one TCS Officer BDO Prabir Debbarma at Gandacherra before hundreds of masses. Since the insult of an TCS Officer, who was just a political victim of Chief Minister's media-stern, one by one corrupt officers have been becoming close to the Chief Minister and honest officers leaving Secretariat. When corrupt OSD like Dilip Roy, Corrupt IAS GSG Ayyangar can be promoted, Tripura has witnessed on Wednesday one of the most honest IAS officer Yatendra Kumar's forceful voluntary retirement.

Yatendra Kumar, a 1996-batch IAS officer, was never close to any political party and his honesty often turned heavy upon Ex-CM Manik Sarkar and his cabinet too. Y.Kumar is one of the rarest IAS officer who never surrendered to political leaders, Ministers, always known for his bravery and honesty.

People voted for BJP with hopes that corruption will be diminished, but instead of promoting such hinest officers like Y Kumar as Chief Secretary, Biplab Deb led Govt has caused him to take retirement voluntarily.

Y. Kumar’s voluntary retirement caused by corrupt groups inside state Secretariat, mostly led by corrupt IAS officer GSG Ayyangar and Chief Minister Biplab Deb’s corrupt coterie led by OSD Dilip Roy.

Day by day BJP Govt is emerging as a 10 times more corrupt Govt than the previous CPI-M Govt and a total politicization of administration are going on.

Isn't it a shame for all honest IAS officers that they cannot survive under Biplab Deb ?  But no protest was heard as many IAS officers are still busy in 'boot-licking'.

Recently after a major reshuffle a group of TCS officers blamed the ruling Govt for doing partiality with same batch's officers in the name of transfer list. They alleged that intentionally few were demoted whereas others were promoted.

Moreover, Biplab Deb has brought most corrupt GSG Ayyangar  to hold dept of Industry and Commerce as the Principal Secretary. Not only this, CM has plan to promote Ayyangar as the Chief Secretary of Tripura when corruption allegations are not single but many against Ayyangar. Vigilance & Enforcement (V&E) recommended booking criminal cases against Ayyangar back in 2003 under the Prevention of Corruption Act. The probe was initiated after the government ordered an inquiry into the purchase of 7,002 timer devices at an exorbitant price of Rs 8.12 crore by the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad.

Even though local people at Udaipur Jamjuri area are still shocked how such backbencher who used to be scolded by school teachers all days for failure in studies, became the Chief Minister.

Then when comes about CM's heart who is none other than Dilip Roy is the most corrupt TPS officer with murder allegations to ONGC fund siphoning,  Dilip Ray’s Rs 1.1 crore palatial mansion is a sign of Govt corruption which is located at Kargill Chowmuhani, Dhaleshwar.

Even after much criticism, Chief Minister Biplab Deb, is yet to spare his tainted OSD. Putting of corrupts and pushing of honest persons has exposed Biplab Deb's poor administrative skills, ill-intentions.

However, Y Kumar has not briefed behind his departure. Kumar was the Principal Secretary to the Government of Tripura, Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs.

State administration now being filled up by all corrupt & crooked officials like GSG Ayyangar who was brought back by Biplab Deb to head important IT & Industry Dept as Principal Secretary.

GSG Ayyangar is nationally condemned corrupt officer, covered in national headlines for thefts in Hyderbad Timer Rs 8 crores Scam and many other Scams.

Times of India News on GSG Ayyangar's one scam among many others :

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