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'Nagerjala weapon-raid was based on secret-information, more raids will be done in coming days' : DGP
TIWN March 12, 2018
'Nagerjala weapon-raid was based on secret-information, more raids will be done in coming days' : DGP
PHOTO : DGP held press meet (Background Pics) : Police raided Nagerjala stand located CITU Office. TIWN Pic March 12

AGARTALA, March 12 (TIWN): Mentioning that law and order's responsibility is now totally under the state govt as the election is ended, DGP A K Shukla told media, "Police is determined to keep the law and order stabled and to control the crime rates. Today at Nagerjala the raid was based on a source. After being informed via source, police have raided the spot and also many other offices will be raided in coming days......", DGP said. "Anybody will try to breakdown the law and order, he or she can't escape from police's eyes. Police will nab the culprit by hook and crook", said DGP. Source said that the local auto drivers of the Battala have complained about the CITU office, where huge numbers of arms were collected since before the election. The CITU Office of Nagerjala has also been seized by Police. Police had also booked at least 4 persons on spot from CITU office for interrogation. Today with a horrifying experience, police found various deadly-weapons inside CPI-M party office (CITU) on the heart of capital city.

The CITU Office is located at Nagerjala bus stand, which is the centre of all roadway-connectivity of the capital city and the 4 subdivisions. Buses or small vehicles travelling from Agartala to Southern Tripura or Sepahijala Dist area are available at there. Apart from Nagerjala CITU Office, there are many offices of them across Tripura.

 Important places, Govt lands were occupied by the CITU time to time, but public never could imagine such sharp weapons are stored inside their party office.

Getting informed BJP MLA Ram Prasad Pal had rushed to the spot and checked the matter. The CITU Office at Nagerjala was occupying  a huge space. Even at the passengers-sheds also CITU had put their flags. 

Unruliness of CITU from auto-fare to behaviours, crossed limits but such arms were kept inside the office, it was beyond imagination. 

DGP has signaled that police have more similar informations  and raids will be done time to time.

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