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Tripura’s freedom from Anti-National CPI-M, Manik Sarkar's misrule : It's time to build new Tripura
Saumen Sarkar
Tripura’s freedom from Anti-National CPI-M, Manik Sarkar's misrule : It's time to build new Tripura
PHOTO : BJP's victory rally in Agartala on Saturday. TIWN Pic March 3,2018

BJP’s spectacular win finally made me feel like a much deserved freedom from corruption laden Tripura’s CPI-M era. Congrats to Biplab Deb, Tripura BJP team and my friend Sunil Deodhar for finally reaching the goal.

However, rather than BJP’s local leadership, it was due to high anti-incumbency wave against Manik Sarkar’s corrupt rule and mass deprivation of 25 years - which forced Tripura population to cast their votes for BJP.

Just like how Mamata Banerjee won West Bengal Election against CPI-M’s 30 years misrule – in the same manner Tripura opted for BJP to taste the freedom from Communist rule.

Much before even Sunil Deodhar or Biplab Deb landed in Tripura to start campaigning against CPI-M, TIWN (Tripura InfoWay News) from 2013 started exposing one after another scams and mass irregularities of CPI-M Govt. I remember the days when in TIWN office in 2014 I advised then BJP State Chief Sudhindra Dasgupta to fight against CPI-M.

TIWN is the first media in Tripura which started daily exposure of CPI-M’s massive scams from 2013 relentlessly – Tripura’s educated and young population realized the ‘clean’ image masked Chief Minister Manik Sarkar’s real face of mass corruption, brutal manipulation to generate lakhs of unemployment, paralyzing State economy.

As an Editor of TIWN – I was targeted by CPI-M constantly since 5 years from life threats, dozens of defamation suits starting from CPI-M Ministers like Manik Dey to even Rose Valley Chit Fund tainted CPI-M spokesman Gautam Das, threats to my office staffs and non-cooperation from State Govt from all fronts. Apart from that, senior Bureaucrats close to Manik Sarkar like Sanjay K Panda to many others constantly sent threatening letters protesting against various corruption news to my office with veil threats to close down TIWN.

In addition to Manik Sarkar’s war against TIWN, majority sections of Tripura’s media headed by CPI-M’s mouthpiece ‘Daily Desher Katha’ and its crooked Editorial staff Rahul Sinha continued regular fake news in its media to counter TIWN’s exposure.

Daily Desher Katha with barely 30000 circulation was no match for TIWN’s 5 lakhs of average readership daily.

But all these actions of Manik Sarkar Govt and CPI-M Party only made TIWN stronger  - needless  to say TIWN defeated CPI-M….so Gautam Das, Manik Dey to Rahul Sinha …all your sins and misdeeds will be investigated by new BJP Government – you may start planning your miserable future ahead.

Today is the day for not only for BJP’s victory but it’s a huge Victory of TIWN and its 5 years relentless fight against Manik Sarkar Govt’s corruption.  

Tripura’s Chief Minister Manik Sarkar is no exception of communist power hunger – due to power hunger and visionless politics over 2 decades,  Manik Sarkar's administration failed miserably to develop Tripura’s economy or providing employment, basic healthcare, pure drinking water, quality education to lakhs of people. In my multiple prior interactions with Manik Sarkar, one thing I realized that Chief Minister doesn’t understand the basic Economics & the role of Capital investments to improve State’s economy.  With a 1950 era blind vision of ‘Anti-Capitalism ’Communist politics, which finally resulted in 8 lakhs unemployment.

Let's not discuss further about rest of CPI-M cabinet Ministers – most of them wouldn’t pass a Higher Secondary School exam – forget knowledge of Economics or devising policies of State’s economic future. Its hightime for Manik Sarkar to end his hunger & addiction for Chief Minister’s seat – better people inside CPI-M should be given chance to fill State CPI-M captain’s role.

In my analysis, Manik Sarkar or average Communist dictators mentality remains focused on painting a rosy picture for public consumption – for example North Korea’s communist dictator Kim Jong created massive buildings supposedly for IT industries but fact is that all those buildings remained empty.

Similarly, Manik Sarkar proudly inaugurated IT Hub in Agartala but inside building – not even a single software company or any employments so far. But CM's dictator ego satisfied.

Personally, I would advise Manik Sarkar to retire from active politics and say good-bye to power hungry addiction - otherwise days are not far when like his own Political Godfather & Ex-CM Nripen Chakraborty, - Manik Sarkar might be strolling on Agartala streets haplessly. 

As long as CPI-M was in power, no doubt that Tripura remained underdeveloped – then people miseries will be multiplied, lakhs of new unemployment will add to existing 8 lakhs list. Also 25 years lust in power created enormous corruption and sycophants in every level on State Govt.

Tripura finally got a break from uninterrupted Communist rule – 25 years Communist tyranny turned Tripura a graveyard in every sector, peoples misery never ending, mass deprivation everywhere – even Tripuraites like me will never get a lifetime chance to create IT or Advanced industries as ‘Matric fail’ or ‘Higher Secondary’ pass clowns donned role of Ministers, samples like Manik Dey kind of Ministers steered Tripura's economic distress to point of no return.

I congratulate once again new BJP Govt – I would request BJP Govt to initiate the following steps in first 2 weeks of their Government:

  1. Announce CBI investigation against Rose Valley Chit Fund Scam
  2. Announce CBI investigation against CPI-M’s hundreds of crores spent on constructing luxary Party offices across Tripura
  3. Investigation on NHM, PMAY,RMSA and all Central Mission Fundings
  4. Re-opening MGNERGA Scam investigation and put scamster Bimal Chakraborty back to Jail
  5. Investigate source of funding of CPI-M Melarmath Headquarter’s Rs 15 crores construction
  6. Investigate role of every land allotments in Agartala – specially around Secretariat area where prime chunk of Lands were gifted to various CPI-M supporter entities ranging from media to Hospitals.
  7. Investigate State Skill Development Mission and replace all Manik Sarkar’s pet bureaucrats as they are main instruments behind systematic corruption. Investigate Sanjay K Panda’s 1+1=11 Book scam misusing RMSA Central funds.
  8. Replace all lameduck IAS officers like useless Industry Secretary Nagaraju and many others close to Manik Sarkar as they paralyzed State Economy systematically over years.
  9. Replace Tripura Public Service Commission functionaries and investigate each TCS,TPS officials selections during CPI-M era – lakhs of real talents were deprived and CPI-M’s hardcore supporters like Bimal Chakraborty, Panna Ahmed were selected for prime TCS spots. Also investigate the Coaching Centre at Shyamoli Bazar which functions like a TCS,TPS factory for CPI-M – that’s the core of TCS,TPS selection scam.
  10. Announce CID investigation against now ex-Minister Manik Dey’s various scams of looting private money promising Jobs, Contracts.
  11. Remove all Manik Sarkar’s Senior TCS,TPS officers, including nominated IAS,IPS from key posts and appoint honest officials
  12. Select someone like Yatendra Kumar or any honest and upright IAS officer as Chief Secretary and similar honest and upright official for DGP’s post. 
  13. Order investigation against nexus of former DGP K.Nagraj and Manik Sarkar as Tripura’s now ex-CM appointed Nagraj as in-charge DGP even though CBI filed chargesheets from 2005 against this IPS criminal.
  14. Order enquiry into massive Health and Education Dept scams ranging from mid-day meals to school education.
  15. Order investigation into 10323 Teachers recruitment scam, interrogate Manik Sarkar, Sanjay K Panda, Banamali Sinha for their role in planned Corruption.


Writer is Editor,, also a Global Network Engineering Architect based in New York  with 20+ yrs experience in Internetworking, Network Security Industry and worked at Bank of America, General Electric, Cisco Systems, Bank of New York, Merrill Lynch, NYC Govt,  NEC, Hewlett Packard. 

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