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CPI-M’s ‘Walk In Interview’ scam & attack on Minister Manik Dey by unemployed youth
Anirban Mitra
CPI-M’s ‘Walk In Interview’ scam & attack on Minister Manik Dey  by unemployed youth
PHOTO : Tripura Transport, Power Minister Manik Dey who was beaten by an unemployed youth in 2016. TIWN File Photo.

CPI-M’s ‘Walk In Interview’ scam led Minister Manik Dey beaten by unemployed youth at Melarmath Party HQ in 2016 : 'No modification' in Recruitment Policy, After 10323 defeat, 12000 new posts ‘LollyPop’ waits SC’s tight slap

Tripura CPI-M's 25 years scams have come under notice of the Supreme Court but the CPI-M Govt yet shameless to accept their sins of 25 years. After much corruptions, CPI-M party leaders have kept a huge number of unemployed youths in their hands, giving them some ‘hopes’ & 'LOLLYPOP' for job.

The young generation’s maximum part in Tripura although have understood well that no job will ever they get in CPI-M Era including the new 12000 posts for cancelled 10,323 teachers, but a certain section of SFI / DYFI / TSU youths are working day night ahead of election so that once CPI-M comes in power again the students will get first priority in job, same it did with primary teachers’ job which was declared immediately after the last election result, which have however gone with 10,323 teachers jobs.12000 non-teaching posts' lollypops to the helpless teachers were not only a game played by CPI-M with their sentiments but also deprived Tripura's 8 lakhs unemployed youths.

Since Manik Sarkar became the Chief Minister job recruitment had started like a lottery system using unemployed youths to walk in CPI-M's, DYFI's SFI's rallies. Manik Sarkar's corruption empire under heavy risk for rampant corruptions as Supreme Court directly monitoring irregularities.

Days are not far when CPI-M’s false promises will boomerang to them as disgruntled, frustrated youths of SFI, CPI-M will start targeting Tripura’s corruption tainted Ministers just like Samir Debnath hit Minister ManikDey with a  wooden chair at Melarmath Party office on Sunday Feb 28,2016. During the beating, Chief Minister Manik Sarkar and CPI-M leaders Bijan Dhar and Gautam Das were at the party office.

In 2016, month of February, in a shocking development, one unemployedyouth named Samir Debnath sneaked into the CPI-M State headquarter at Melarmath around 8.30pm on Sunday night and assaulted Transport Minister ManikDey with a chair over the alleged dispute of pending business transaction of Rs 4 lakhs cash dealings. However, a Melarmath source told TIWN that this was nothing but a deal about job as Samir Debnath’s mother was also a Panchayat member, but as Dey was delaying to provide any job so he was beaten by Samir on that evening.

Later CPI-M mentioned him as ‘mentally unstable’ to avoid the issue further and there was not so far police action against him.

Samir Debnath belongs to an influential CPI-M family from Ranirbazar area of Agartala. According to eyewitnesses, Samir Debnath came to meet Transport Minister ManikDey on that evening and demanded Rs 4 Lakhs rupees which allegedly owned by Minister ManikDey as part of ‘business transactions’ between them. Samir Debnath shouting asked ManikDey to pay the Rs 4 Lakhs money on the spot as his father is critically ill and admitted into a private hospital.

Manik Dey denied to talk to him and thus Samir Debnath lifted a chair and hit ManikDey, Minister Badal Chowdhury jumped to save his colleague and injured his hand.

According to sources , Samir’s mother is reportedly an active CPI-M panchayat member, also was involved in some sort of financial chain marketing business and underground activities where Minister is allegedly a partner.

In 90's era CPI-M selectively used to give jobs to them who raised voices for jobs. Such movements were widely known as 'BekarAndolon'. CPI-M's master chosed the leaders of those 'BekarAndolons' so that the organization get abolished. But the vote bank politics with Govt jobs started to expose after High Court was established in Tripura and judges like Dipak Gupta gave hundreds of neutral hearings.

India's most anti-nationalist party CPI-M didn't bother to hit on judges physically and patronizing mafias, smugglers even terrorist like Mamun Mia who was sheltered at Sahid Chowdhury's home.

Tripura has topped in Unemployed rate, even Wikipedia to Central Data have revealed it. In this condition, when Education Minister Tapan Chakraborty is trying to defend the state govt resentment have brewed among the unemployed youths.

In this condition the Ministers like Tapan Chakraborty and Chief Minister ManikSarkar  should think twice to fool people if they do not want ‘Manik Dey’s episode’ of 2016 to return in Melarmath Party Office. 

12000 non-teaching posts' hearing has been once again postponed till 16th January, 2018. Hearing couldn't be completed on Tuesday and the Supreme has asked Tripura Govt not to circulate the appointments till the next hearing that is on 16th January, 2018.  But Chakraborty asked the 10323 teachers 'not to worry' : which is another lie with false hopes.

Manik Sarkar Govt's cheating with hapless 10323 youths will cost party dearly in 2018 Assembly election. Needless to say, CPI-M's lifeline is another 3 months til Feb 2018.

Manik Dey, who was formerly a bus-conductor even though enriched properties with his successive Ministrial terms to the tune of multiple crores but his utter failures from Power Dept to Transport is comically known as "TOM-TOM Minister"

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