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TRIPURA INFOWAY’s moral victory : Exposure of corruption in CPI-M & Manik Sarkar finally recognized by Communist party
Satyajit Datta
TRIPURA INFOWAY’s moral victory : Exposure of corruption in CPI-M & Manik Sarkar finally recognized by Communist party
PHOTO : TIWN File Photos (clockwise): Unemployed youth and CPM cadre Samir Debnath being arrested after hitting Minister Manik Dey.

CPI-M’s official press release on April 03,2017 attacking TRIPURA INFOWAY actually exposed the infighting of ruling party’s State committee among the Manik Sarkar & rival gangs. Due to relentless publishing of corruption news against Manik Sarkar Govt, a section of upright comrades got the strength to expose Manik Sarkar, Manik Dey’s evil gang.

Thanks to CPI-M Tripura State Committee and it’s mouthpiece Daily Desher Katha, which introduced the most accessed Tripura web media across the globe among the illiterate and semi literate comrades of the state by making news on TIWN in Bengali and distributing a press release against This web media basically persuading against relentless corruption and mischievous activities of Corrupt Party of India (Mass) state unit – TIWN renamed CPI-M in present context, from the first day of its inception among a literate class.

But finally a section of CPI-M state committee (actually silent CPI-M supporters of intentionally issued press release on Monday in Bengali to further popularize the TIWN for exposing the corruption of Manik Sarkar led government in Tripura at mass level further. 

TIWN appreciate the effort of the CPI-M party's anti-Manik group  and expect more such support and action from CPI-M quarter in future too to save the people of Tripura from corrupt gang of Manik Sarkar.

After national level exposure of corruption of team Manik Sarkar (a camouflaging face of honesty), the CPI-M party became ruthless to media who have been bringing every mischief and organised malpractices of government in public.

The party while protesting a news item of honestly admitted the facts but for obvious reason they denied the cause of attack on Transport Minister Manik Dey by a fellow comrade in last year. Fact is always considered sacred and interpretation or analysis of fact is always perception of the context – in case of Samir Debnath, a fellow comrade of Manik Dey who attempted to assault him was not a difference.

The party insiders re-confirmed the attack on Manik Dey because Samir was deprived of job despite doing party activities for long time. However, on a palpable reason party built a story of bill payment in a private hospital etc, which does not have any relation to the incident.

It may be recalled that a number party offices of CPI-M across the state was burnt down by the deprived unemployed youths and several leaders were assaulted and compelled to flee away for the time being when genuine candidates had been deprived of job by the party.

The attack by Samir Debnath on Minister Manik Dey was happened during this period only. To justify the reason of our claim, the context of the incident referred to our valued readers to draw the bottom line and what could be the reason of attacking a senior minister in the party office openly?

The CPI-M party and their brand ambassador of corruption – Manik Sarkar is well exposed now through media reporting where tripurainfoway of course claimed to be the biggest stake holder. Yet, his patronised online media group run by a team of fraudsters led by a jail return criminal desperately tried over the years to cover up all misdeeds of team Manik and his party but failed.

Frustrated with the repeated corruption and misrule in and outside the party by Manik Sarkar and a few of his follower in the party, a section of true leftists now have chosen us to expose Manik Sarkar and his corrupt team to save the soul.

CPI-M state committee's press release

Issuing press release on a news item of and publishing the concocted story in it’s mouthpiece Daily Desher Katha on April 4, 2017, the party indirectly introduced TIWN (Tripura InfoWay News)  among their comrades and encouraged their readers too to read the stories of corruption and misdeeds of Sarkar team.

Certainly, this priceless effort of CPI-M state committee will help TIWN to reach out more ground people with honest reporting on Manik gang's corruption. is  thankful for this CPI-M's publicity in the state. 

However, CPI-M party's Manik Sarkar gang must remember the corruption of BDO Bishalgarh Bimal Chakraborty, the then Chief Secretary S K Panda and few others in the administration had been done in connivance with Manik Sarkar himself.

And all those objective reporting with follow up analysis were published on the website and achieved the strength to stand today with more stability.

A simple example of corruption of Manik Sarkar is reiterated again here that the state vigilance department found at least 12 top level officers including four IFS officers adding PCCF Sanatan Talukdar guilty of massive corruption. But Manik prevented the administration to take any action against anyone of them.

Because Manik Sarkar knows each one of this corrupt official is well aware of the level of his personal corruption and luxury with public fund enjoyed by Manik Sarkar. Despite being a poorest Chief Minster his monthly family expenditure rose to Rs 1.12 lakh.

The government has to pay few lakh of rupees in every six months for renovation of Manik's bed room, furniture, curtains, procure personal belonging besides, installing most modern gym, appointing trainer for Information Technology & Computer, Yoga and so on.

But in public when visit Bangaluru or Jorhat of Assam travelled by a train to get media attention. When Manik Sarkar visits 50-100 kilometres of Tripura avail Pawan Hans helicopter, has been provided by the Centre for public service.

It is advisable to CPI-M state committee members to rectify the loops of their thread, better if not interfere in impartial media functioning against corruption of particular person or a few persons in CPI-M higher ups.

Yes, some or may be most of the media houses are the sympathiser of the corruption, abusive and uncivilised atrocities on people of Tripura by communists in Tripura to remain in power.

Please remember TIWN is not belonging to that group, which you people are handling regularly. At initial days, our infrastructure and resources in all terms were limited now we are having one of the biggest networks  to face any kind of challenge by the corrupt CPI-M. 

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