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Is Communism a mental disorder ? CPI-M’s infantile sickness cripples Tripura
Anirban Datta
Is Communism a mental disorder ?  CPI-M’s infantile sickness cripples Tripura
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Indian communists paranoid propaganda , wrong policies pushed States like West Bengal, Tripura to the brink of financial collapse.  So the questions arise – are these communists in right state of mind or mentally sick ?

In a small state Tripura, communists wrong policies burdened State with  7 lakhs unemployment, exponential price rise of essential commodities, worst healthcare infrastructures , poor school education topped with lameduck Politicians donning Minister roles without basic qualifications.

Manik Sarkar’s party CPI-M  i.e. Communist Party of India (Marxist) derived its name from its original founders Karl Marx and Fredrick Angles – both were considered lunatic during their lifetime in Russia and Britain.

Karm Marx and Fredrick Angles not only heavy drunkards known in social circles in London (where they spent years ) but they enjoyed most of their time in capitalist countries like Britain and Germany rather than Russia.

Karl Marx (1818-1883) is mostly known as one of the founders of Communism. His ideology was the foundation for dictatorships all over the world. What a lot of people don’t know s that Marx and his comrade Friedrich Engels were usually pretty smashed when they discussed their ideas for a perfect socialist society. These nights of drunken philosophizing resulted in the Communist Manifesto and the book Das Kapital. That’s right, this heavy boozing resulted in the Soviet Union, the Berlin Wall, the Cold War and communist regimes all over the world. Speaking of impact.

The word about Marx’ drinking skills first got around in his days as a student.  In 1835 he had a promising start at the University of Bonn, but soon got slightly distracted from his studies, as he was the co-president of his tavern club. Marx even got imprisoned for a day for “disturbing the peace with drunken noise”. His period of “wild rampaging”, as his father Heinrich Marx called it, in Bonn lasted only a year. After which his father transfered Karl Marx to the University of Berlin, where he actually took his Philosophy studies serious. Still this didn’t stop him from consuming large amounts of beer and taking drunken donkey rides through the villages nearby.

In 1844 Marx and Engels bonded for life in what historians referred to as 10 beer-soaked days. Another drinking buddy of Marx was Edgar Bauer. He accompanied him on his drunk donkey rides and in the 1850’s the duo was reunited in London, England. The writer Wilhelm Liebrecht described how the German group took a drink in every bar between Oxford Street and Hampstead Road. For the people who are not familiar with the 19th century English capital, this was quite an ambitious plan given the enormous amount of pubs on the route.

So needless to say, Communism theory is a product of two mentally sick individuals who spent most of their time in booze and mental disorders.

Obviously its no surprise that Indian communists supported China in 1962’s Indo-China war, called Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose as Tojo’s Dog – present generation communists like Sitaram Yechury (CPI-M General Secretary), Prakash Karat supported anti-national Afzal Guru, Kasmiri separatists and JNU anti-nationals like Kanhaiya.

In Tripura, similar mental sickness continues as Manik Sarkar preferred corrupt officials like GSG Ayangar, CBI-chargesheeted DGP K.Nagraj to run State depriving honest officials.

Manik Sarkar’s mental sickness was further evident with the fact that Tripura CM hired a tainted retd IAS officer S.K.Panda to head important State’s Skill Development Mission depriving highly expert Technocrats.

Tripura CM’s so called honest-image is so precious that he never allows his wife to travel with him in his official car, even though CM’s wife is suffering from heart problems.

But same ‘HONEST(?)’ Manik Sarkar instructed Police not to file proper chargesheets in Rs 17 crore MGNREGA scam so that his close aide Bimal Chakraborty can go scot-free after 180 days jail remand.

Manik Sarkar’s mental state under question as Tripura CM got rid of every high performers in CPI-M Ministry – whether its former Industry Minister Jiten Chaudhury or Minister Pabitra Kar – unfortunately fortunately these two are the only two CPI-M Ministers who knew to use smartphones and active in social media.

Tripura’s massive unemployments over 7 lakhs, pathetic healthcare, dying generation is a direct result of 23 years of Communist misrule, rampant corruption.

From Indian PM Narendra Modi to US Presidents like Ronald Reagan - all said repeatedly ' Communism is a disease with no cure - it generates only poverty & destruction,cripples economic progress'.

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