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BJP President Amit Shah exposed CPI-M’s “Blame Centre” game
Anirban Mitra
BJP President Amit Shah exposed CPI-M’s “Blame Centre” game
PHOTO : BJP staged mass rally at Agartala Vivekananda Ground, Amit Shah with Tripura leaders. TIWN Pic April 27

BJP President Amit Shah exposed CPI-M’s “Blame Centre” game and asks the Manik Sarkar Govt. to take onus for the loot of people’s money by chit fund companies.

In his maiden visit to the state, BJP’s All India President Amit Shah virtually exposed the “Blame Centre” game played by the ruling CPI(M) here for long.  

Addressing party workers and supporters at the Swami Vivekananda Stadium here on Monday for the first time, the firebrand BJP president came down heavily on the ruling CPI(M) government led by Chief Minister Manik Sarkar.

The BJP president’s speech of forty minutes practically left the CPI(M)’s “Blame Centre” attitude wide exposed.

Mr. Shah said that the Tripura Chief Minister feverishly lies to the people when he says that the centre has stopped REGA scheme. 

It may be mentioned here that the ruling CPI(M) leadership here blamed the central government for the ongoing REGA debacle and tried to propagate the theory that the central government was closing the REGA schemes.

The BJP president on the contrary criticised chief minister Manik Sarkar for misleading the people on the issue of REGA. Mr. Shah informed the gathering that the central government is neither closing the REGA shcemes nor is bringing about any change in the schemes.

The BJP president’s accusation that the onus of failure in paying the REGA dues lies solely on the state government only proved the state CPI(M) spokesperson Gautam Das wrong.  It may be mentioned here that the recently nominated Central Committee member of CPIM, held the central government responsible for the delay in REGA payment saying that the new mode of payment of REGA wages was not informed to the state government in advance creating confusion in the distribution system. 

The corruption ridden CPI(M) government was also attacked by the firebrand BJP president by saying that the central government fund for developmental activities actually lend up  in the party fund.

Mr. Shah alleged the ruling CPI(M) of politicising the police saying that the people of the state belonging to different political ideology are subjected to harassment and the police takes partisan role in performing their duties.

The much talked about proximity of CPI(M) party leaders especially of chief minister Manik Sarkar’s patronage of Rose Valley and other chit fund companies here got a boost when the BJP president said that the chit fund companies always surrounded aroud the communist party and the party cannot shed the responsibilty of the poor people being cheated for their closeness with the chit fund companies.  

It may be mentioned here that the Tripura chief minister was blamed for the rise of chit fund companies in the state which ultimately duped the poor people of the state of hundreds of crores of money.

Though the BJP President was successful in raising the crucial issues concerning the state, only time will say how much impact Mr. Shah’s visit made in CPI-M ruled State.

 Anirban Mitra is a Columnist and writes occasionally on various issues in Newspapers, Magazines. Views expressed are personal.

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